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Now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on its Advisor program, more resellers are gearing up to transfer their clients’ Office 365 seats to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. As we mentioned in a previous blog, Microsoft ended the sell and accelerator incentives for the Advisor program on September 30, 2016. And, as of July 1, 2017, commissions paid out to Partners of Record (POR) to manage Microsoft cloud subscriptions will be cut.

Did you know that Microsoft is changing its requirements for all Direct CSP Partners? As of August 31, to be part of the program partners will have to pay $15,000 a year in support fees. When you resell Microsoft products through Sherweb, you get our industry-leading support for free. Learn more.

If you’re an Advisor, you might be wondering about your next move. You’ve heard good things about the CSP and how resellers have had great success by transferring their Office 365 clients there. Some CSP partners, like Sherweb, have developed a special import tool to simplify the entire client transfer process. This is great news for a reseller like you, but what about your clients? How do they feel about moving to a new program? Tools are great, but it’s crucial that your customer is comfortable with this transfer. So, start talking CSP. Here are 3 ways to convince your clients that transferring their Office 365 licenses is a good thing.

1. Get Help from the Experts

You won’t be left on your own. When you join forces with an Office 365 distributor like Sherweb, our experienced Account Managers will walk you through the entire process. They’ll work with you to develop a pre-transfer plan so you’ll be prepared to answer all your clients’ questions. For example, your customers might be worried about changing from a yearly price commitment with Microsoft to a monthly commitment with Sherweb. Our Account Managers have been down this road before. Stress that it’s a monthly commitment. Talk to your clients about Sherweb’s expert migration services and 24/7 technical support under the CSP. These aren’t the kind of features offered by all providers. Sherweb also has a special program that will help you transfer your clients without affecting their Office 365 monthly billing.

2. Take Advantage of the Import Tool

Have you ever heard about Sherweb’s Office 365 Import Tool? It’s designed to simplify the entire client transfer process. At one time, resellers had to go through the laborious task of transferring profile information, services, plans and contract renewal dates manually for each client. Now the entire process is automatic. The Import Tool will also verify all your clients’ renewal dates and provision their new Office 365 subscriptions. The best part of all? This tool is free under the CSP program!

3. One Partner Who Made the Switch

We know what you’re thinking. All this talk about tools and Account Managers is great, but can you show me a real story about a partner who was able to make the switch to the CSP without major problems? Meet Michael Sirota. This Ontario-based MSP transferred 1500 Office 365 seats from Microsoft to Sherweb earlier this year. Big client transfers can involve a lot of data, such as credit card information and Sherweb’s support team was able to help Sirota get this done. Sherweb automatically compiled his clients’ credit card information, profiles, services and contract renewal dates and entered it into its system. Once the transfer was made with the Office 365 Import Tool, Sherweb’s migration team was available to help Sirota transfer all his new clients from their old platforms to Office 365.

Why Should I Care About the CSP?

Because it will give you the freedom to run your own show. You can package your offers any way you want and there’s no middleman like Microsoft to get in the way. This means you can bundle Office 365 with your own solutions. And, by joining forces with an Office 365 distributor like Sherweb, you can leave all the heavy lifting to someone else! You don’t have to be a migration or support expert. Just rely on our professional partner support or use our white-label end-customer services to grow your business.

Grow your business reselling Office 365 with Sherweb!

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Written by Christopher Garrett Account Manager @ Sherweb

Chris spends most of his time helping Sherweb partners with Dynamics 365, offering advice and guidance as to how they can increase sales and expand their business. When he’s not busy responding to partners' questions, Chris can be found running, crawling or climbing his way through various obstacle races.