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Over the past few years, cybersecurity has grown into a $1T problem ↗ and is on track to reach $10 trillion by 2025. Yes, trillions with a ‘T’.

Cybercriminals have realized the opportunity that remote work presents for attacking businesses of all sizes. If you think your SMB clients might fly under the radar, this past year has proven that cyberattacks are not limited to only enterprises.

Every successful breach on corporations, local governments, hospitals and infrastructure systems makes cybercriminals bolder and in need of more targets. These cybercriminals know that most small businesses have not yet invested in the resources required to reduce cyber risk. Therefore, they’re also aware that many small business employees are not using safe password practices, leaving themselves and the company open to attack. In some polls, as many as two-thirds of users admit to using the identical password across several apps, websites, and services both on their private and work accounts.

Keeping clients secure is a growing challenge, and poor password management should be a priority

With more and more cloud apps and websites being utilized by employees to successfully do their job, those employees also need to manage more and more credentials. The number of passwords that the average employee needs to manage is 191! With this onslaught of credentials and access points, managed service providers (MSPs) are challenged to ensure that each access point to the business is secure and good password hygiene is being followed.

Because of this, it’s imperative for MSPs and other cloud providers to offer business password management. Our experts have done the research for you, and we believe LastPass is a great option for keeping clients safe and secure.

LastPass delivers business password management for SMBs

LastPass empowers end users to generate, secure and share passwords seamlessly and without compromising access to a company’s sensitive data, while providing valuable insight and control for administrators. It’s a business-grade password management solution that’s easy for any SMB IT staff to deploy, manage and maintain while helping to increase productivity for their organization—without compromising security.

LastPass empowers users while at the same time ensuring protection through zero-knowledge security infrastructure


LastPass transforms insecure password habits into best practices

Effortless password management

The LastPass password vault securely captures, fills, generates and shares passwords seamlessly. An easy to use adoption dashboard and Admin Console allow for simple management and organization.

Secure password sharing

LastPass provides secure and flexible sharing for collaborative teams from IT to marketing groups while maintaining accountability. By using generated passwords and revoking access in real time, LastPass ensures company data doesn’t leave with departing employees.

All the data stored in LastPass is encrypted using US government level of encryption: AES-256 standard.


Dark web monitoring

Stop worrying about data breaches! LastPass monitors your clients accounts and sends them an alert if information is compromised to keep their accounts safe.

Single sign-on (SSO)

LastPass single sign-on (SSO) simplifies employee access to cloud applications and streamlines provisioning. With SSO for top priority apps and password management to capture and secure everything else, LastPass protects every access point and conveniently connects employees to their work.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

LastPass multi-factor authentication (MFA) secures every access point to your client’s business. From cloud and legacy apps to VPN and workstations, LastPass MFA offers passwordless access while maximizing security with customizable security policies and adaptive authentication technology.

Reduce clients’ risk with business password management

All businesses and all users are potential targets for attacks. With thoughtful planning and user education, your clients can be prepared to safeguard their data and intellectual property when using a business password management solution like LastPass. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more, or if you’re interested in adding LastPass to your portfolio.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb