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Security is less an issue on Mac computers than on Windows PCs. So, it’s probably not the main reason why a Mac user would back up their computer.  But, the recently discovered Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are here to remind us that any computer can be at risk and this includes Mac. So, this the right occasion to discuss about a disaster recovery plan for your Mac computer.  In this article, we’ll discover why it’s important to back up your Mac computer.


The 3-2-1 Backup Rule Applies to Mac Computers too!

The basics of data protection teach us the ‘3-2-1’ best practice. It means you need 3 copies of your digital data on at least 2 different media with at least 1 off-site backup. For a Mac user, the three copies include:

  • one on the computer
  • one on a local storage
  • and one off-site

The main reason to back up your Mac computer is to restore data easily and quickly if it’s missing or corrupted. But, because the local storage can often be a secondary disk on your Mac, chances are you won’t be able to restore from it if the computer is broken or stolen.

The off-site copy is then essential for disaster recovery. It’s your guarantee to get your Mac data back in case your other two copies are unavailable.

It’s been common practice to store off-site copies on portable media that is later transferred to a safe location. But for a small business owner, a ‘safe location’ is sometimes his home. The risk for data loss can be higher when media is stored at home.


The Best Alternative to Portable Media Is the Cloud

There are different types of cloud backup solutions:

  • Simple online storage:
    You can use your own backup strategy and storage in the cloud to save data from your Mac computer.
  • Backup software with access to online storage:
    The backup software will let you store your Mac computer data on cloud storage from different providers.
  • A combination of backup software and online storage in a single offer:
    This usually makes it easier to manage your Mac computer backups because you are supported by a single provider who handles every aspect of the solution.


Why It’s Important to Take a Complete Backup of Your Mac Computer

You probably use your Mac computer for more than just storing files. You use it to run applications.

So, when your computer fails, you need to recover files and to get your machine back to the status it was prior to failure. This means, you want to have the same applications installed in the same configuration, including a history of your activities.

For example, if you’ve been using color codes to classify your messages in the Mail application, you want to be able to find them after the computer is restored. Otherwise, it could take you a long time to figure out the rules you created two years ago and recreate them on the fly.

By backing up only your documents and media files, you won’t be able to achieve a full restore. You need to do a full backup of your computer, including operating system and application binaries, user profiles, folder permissions, etc.


In our next article, we will talk about your different options to back up your Mac computer

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Written by Sadissa Babeni Marketing Content Writer @ SherWeb

Sadissa is an IT professional and joined SherWeb in 2013 as a technical writer and trainer. A former systems administrator, she brings her decade-long field experience to SherWeb's marketing department, with her broad knowledge of cloud computing and service management. Sadissa is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Windows Server and Office 365, and has earned other IT certifications over the years. She has a passionate interest in singing in vocal ensembles and learning foreign languages.