Raphaël and Alexandre both have Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke. After completing a number of internships at SherWeb, both of them were hired as software developers. So, what exactly does a software developer do? Part of their job consists of improving existing applications and developing new functions. We met with Raphaël and Alexandre recently and asked them to talk about their SherWeb experience.

Tell us about your university training before SherWeb, and what you did here during your internship.

Alexandre: As part of my university training, I did five internships at three different companies. Two of these were at SherWeb.

During my first internship at SherWeb, I worked with the Aristotle team and did programming exercises and training to learn about SherWeb’s standards. After three weeks of training, the new developers are sent to work in other teams. I had never seen this concept before and none of my fellow students had experienced this kind of training either. During my second internship at SherWeb, I was sent directly to a development team so I could work on an internship project. What a great experience!

What was your integration like?

Raph: What’s great about SherWeb is that the interns aren’t seen differently than the permanent employees. The interns are an integral part of meetings, planning and various stages in the development process. As a permanent employee, I’ll have the opportunity to learn more and help future interns or new employees with their integration.

Generally speaking, what do you do at work?

Raph: My six-person team works on several different mandates, such as the integration of new products in the Cumulus platform and improving performance to create a better customer experience.

If I had to describe my work in one word, I would say it’s invigorating. Every day is different. We’re always learning and we have a lot of fun. When I get up every morning, I’m happy to come to work and face new challenges.

Alex: It’s a challenging work environment where each task requires that we discover new notions and go beyond our limits. Since I started working at SherWeb, I’ve learned a lot about computer science, such as new concepts and new programming languages.

What do you like most about working at SherWeb?

Alex: There are several reasons why I chose to work at SherWeb after finishing university: the company has a global reach, there are many challenges and the work environment is extraordinary. We’re lucky to work in an open office environment with three computer screens that allow us to be as productive as possible. I’ve never experienced this kind of work environment before. SherWeb is one of the only companies located outside of a major centre that offers work that is worthy of a large company. The fact they can do this in the Eastern Townships is amazing!

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Raph: We have a lot of fun, whether we’re telling stories, sending each other Nerf darts or taking part in after-hours activities such as the 5@7 cocktail hours or events organized by the social club (paintball, Christmas party, laser tag, etc.).

What advice would you give to someone who’d like a job like yours?

Raph: Don’t be afraid to ask your team a lot of questions. Our tasks are usually complicated, so asking questions allows all members of the team to consider what would be the best solution for a particular problem. This also allows us to share our knowledge.

Alex: It’s also important to stay up to date on the latest technological trends so you can apply them at work. You have to be passionate about what you do. If you are, working at SherWeb will be stimulating every day.

Written by Mathieu Pipe-Rondeau Marketing Communications Specialist @ SherWeb