Rodrigo started his career at SherWeb as a Business Development Specialist in 2016. He was promoted to the position of Sales Supervisor and will be celebrating his second-year anniversary with us in March. We sat down with Rodrigo to talk about his journey from Brazil to Quebec, his experiences as well as results of his second year at SherWeb.

Before you began your job search with SherWeb, could you tell us why you were attracted to Quebec?

I chose to come to Quebec because the culture is similar to our culture in Brazil. My wife already speaks French, but I learned it here. Overcoming the language barrier was a challenge at the beginning, but I found Quebecers to be very friendly. I believe that cultural diversity makes Quebec the best place to live.

What are the main differences between the professional dynamics in Brazil and Quebec?

In Brazil, businesses are typically people-focused in that they help team members achieve their full potential.  Since promotions are based on performance, however, employees feel pressured to work harder for fear of being replaced. On the other hand, the job market in Brazil is close to full capacity, so it can be difficult for organizations to find new employees. Therefore, they focus on developing and growing their current employees into leaders or better professionals.  Another difference I see is that the style of meetings in Quebec are generally more focused, organized, and on time. Whereas the meetings in Brazil tend to drag on far too long.

On a personal note, how are you integrating, from a professional, social and cultural point of view?

On a social level, I’m easygoing and I have no problem mixing with people.

On a professional level, my integration at SherWeb was a smooth and professional process.  The company’s social club and IT Café made it easy for me to meet and connect with colleagues from other departments.

Culturally-speaking, I must say that life after work is very different here than in Brazil. In Quebec, it’s a quieter lifestyle; less parties and few close friends.  It helps to build more appreciation.

What did you find the most difficult and the easiest?

The most difficult part? Actually, there are two: 1- Without question, the winter season. A good remedy for it is to take a Caribbean vacation.   2- Learning French was definitely a challenge.

The easiest part? Being introduced to poutine and loving it!

In terms of professional development, do the challenges proposed by SherWeb meet your expectations (technologies, possibilities for advancement, etc.)?

When you work at a dynamic company like SherWeb, there are many opportunities for professional development and advancement. It’s great to be a part of a fast-growing company, especially when one can evolve and grow with it. At the same time, it’s exciting to take on the challenge of keeping pace with change.

When I was promoted to the sales department, there weren’t any sales supervisors. Today, there are four, and I’m one of them.

What advice would you give to an IT professional who would like to do the same thing you have?

Think big! And at the same time, it’s important to encourage a healthy work-life balance for your employees. Be innovative, fun, and create opportunities for career growth.  It’s great to be part of a company where they strive to be the best place to work in Canada.

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Written by Andréa Larivière Recruitment Specialist @ SherWeb