I am proud of my employer! For the second time in two years, SherWeb has been certified as a Remarkable Employer by the BNQ, a provincial standards organization. It’s a great tribute from our employees because it means they recognize the efforts we’ve made to make SherWeb a great place to work!

The Remarkable Employer certification is renewable every 2 years. Each company that applies is evaluated on 14 themes which cover 68 practices in the workplace, such as remuneration, benefits, employee participation in corporate decisions, job satisfaction and motivation. In short, everything that matters to employees about their workplace. SherWeb first received this certification in 2013.

For SherWeb, being a remarkable employer means being able to listen to our people, learn what is important to them and take action when needed. It means constantly improving our management practices and work conditions to create a work environment that enables professional growth.

Gauging employee satisfaction

The Remarkable Employer certification is issued following a survey that is completed by the employees. The survey is anonymous and is managed by a third-party to assure confidentiality.

This allows us to measure what is important to our employees and how we perform in every aspect evaluated. To be honest, the survey results provide us with so much precious information that we can communicate on all .

Plus, we can compare our performance from previous years — by department and as a company — and work as a team to improve. Then the fun part begins. We build a plan to improve our weakest practices and maintain our strengths. Employees from different hierarchical levels get involved in the design and realization of our corporate action plan!

To renew our certification as a Remarkable Employer for 2015, we had to increase our score. To ensure we would pass, we started a process after we were certified in 2013 to improve our weaker practices. This year’s performance increased by 5.2% compared with 2013. Our employee participation rate was 95%!

In my mind, our great performance is due to the fact that we took stock of our 2013 results and identified the practices that were the most important to our employees and needed improvement. Then we took concrete action to improve our environment and working conditions. This is how we built and implemented our competitive RRSP program, better structured our new employee onboarding process, developed communication tools, and so on.

Where does SherWeb shine in the 2015 survey? Here are 4 statements where we’ve scored the highest.

  • I have a good job which is very stimulating.
  • The employees respect each other and work well together.
  • My employer is understanding and responds to my needs when possible.
  • My employer hires competent people and ensures they develop their talents.

This is just a quick glance at the results. We are currently analyzing all data and, true to our practices, we will take stock of our strengths and weaknesses, make an action plan and set it in motion.

In closing, let me invite you to look at our job opportunities: if you want to work for a Remarkable Employer, we have some great positions open!

Written by Veronique Bibeau Employee @ SherWeb

Veronique graduated from the University of Montreal and has worked in professional services for more than 8 years. She is known for her leadership and business skills. Her experience in recruitment strategies and her ability to mobilize employees has been a great asset to SherWeb. Veronique is also an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys sailing, woodworking and cooking.