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Chris Capistran has a few words of advice for Dynamics resellers who don’t see the point in working with the Cloud Solution Provider program.

Find the right partner.

Capistran is the president of Cobalt, a CRM Solutions company based in Arlington, VA. His company started working with SherWeb about a year ago because it wanted to resell Dynamics 365 through the CSP. He said Cobalt had been working with another large reseller but just wasn’t happy with the relationship.

Sharing Expertise

Capistran was also impressed by the way SherWeb encouraged its Dynamics partners to help other resellers in its partner network. Capistran said he’s currently working with another SherWeb partner in Canada who is trying to help a customer migrate to Dynamics 365.

100 Percent Dynamics

Capistran, whose company focuses 100 percent of its energies on Dynamics 365, said SherWeb made a big effort to help him understand the CSP program.

He also pointed out that SherWeb’s partner portal played a big role in his decision to go with the CSP.

A Necessary Evil

Cobalt, which opened its doors in 1996, employs 28 people and currently has about 200 clients in North America and the UK. Capistran, who has been working with Microsoft CRM products since 2003, said the company does a lot of work with non-profit organizations such as the National Association of Realtors and the Society for Human Resources Management. Cobalt’s software helps these organizations manage their memberships and certification programs.

Capistran agrees that a lot of Dynamics resellers are reluctant to join the CSP because they feel it’s just a way to sell software licenses. Why do that when you can make a lot more money going on-site and doing customization work?

Develops New Solutions

Capistran said Cobalt is very active in the Dynamics community and has developed a lot of its own solutions to solve problems for its members. For example, the company has a migration tool called Migration Dynamics that was created to help its customers move from older Microsoft CRM versions to Dynamics 365. He said although there are a lot of integration and data replication tools on the market, they still require a lot of configuration before the migration can actually occur. He said the easiest way to move forward was for Cobalt to create the tool themselves.


The company also runs its own CRM Lab, an internal incubator that builds specific solutions for the Dynamics community. Two of its latest products are Snapshot, an internal backup and cloning tool and IQ, a tool that can write what are called not-in queries. This type of query helps end users search for specific data.

Capistran said Cobalt wants to continue to grow its Dynamics practice beyond the membership and certification verticals it currently serves so it can be more present in the general CRM market. He sees the growing need for migration assistance as a good place to start.

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