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Partnership Models

Profit from the booming cloud industry by reselling or referring SherWeb’s premium hosted services! Choose to completely rebrand our services as your own, leverage our brand and expertise under your banner, or just refer us to potential clients. You can pick one program, or mix and match models on a per-client basis as your business evolves and circumstances change.

Which Reseller Model is Best for Me?

Your current set up will determine the partnership that complements your business needs. Answer these 2 simple questions to find out which model is right for you.

Reseller Model
Distributor Model
Advisor Model
Customer Ownership
Partner owns, bills and supports end client
Partner owns and bills customer; SherWeb supports end client
SherWeb owns, bills and supports end client
Your brand
Your services, powered by SherWeb
SherWeb’s brand
High-demand services with tier pricing; discounts based on total recurring monthly value of your partner account
One-time and recurring commissions
Customer Pricing
Your margins, your pricing
SherWeb’s retail prices and promotions
Customer Support
You support your clients; we support you
SherWeb provides 24/7/365 technical support to your customers/referrals at no extra charge
Customer Billing
SherWeb bills you; you bill your client
SherWeb bills end client
Partner Support
Service Management
Set up and manage your client accounts through our partner portal
End clients manage their own account and services
Getting Started
Free sign up; no minimums or certification required. Full partner enablement experience and dedicated Account Executives to help your teams engage in no time.
Partners can open multiple accounts at once and transition between programs at any time


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