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Does your customer service department have the right tools to respond to your clients’ requests? 40% of departments surveyed don’t.*

Say goodbye to multiple files and customer information that’s often out of date. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service will give your agents all the information they need from a single platform. A 360-degree view of each customer, including a full history of customer interactions and preferences. Give your agents the tools they need to give your clients outstanding customer service.

*Source: Microsoft’s Sell In the Now – How to Make Your Sales Team More Productive

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Give Your Customers More Options

Not everyone wants to call a customer service agent for help. Some people prefer to find the answers themselves. Make it easy for them. Use the self-service portal in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Give your clients the option to tap into the portal’s user friendly knowledge base and online community. Let them connect to other people who have dealt with the same issues. If they need more help, your agents are just a phone call away.

Get Fast Answers from the Knowledge Base

Your agents can also use the knowledge base to get the answers they need to help clients who call in. Gather content from several sources so your agents will have solid references when they’re responding to clients’ requests. You can also review the articles periodically to make sure the content remains current and relevant to your clients’ concerns.

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Killer Customer Service with Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Intelligence

Create a Customer Service Intelligence

Don’t wait for problems to happen. Use the data gathered in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to predict, and even prevent, a service call. You can identify trends and anticipate sales opportunities by viewing specific data in dashboards and interactive charts in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Did You Know?

57%* of all inbound calls to a Customer Service Centre are made by customers who can’t find what they want on a company’s website. Let SherWeb help you build a top-notch customer service department with Dynamics 365.

*Source: Harvard Business Review – Why Your Customers Don’t Want to Talk to You

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