It’s a time of explosive growth for our organization. Thousands of businesses swell the ranks of the partner program. The resale portfolio has been expanded with new Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure on top of additional solutions like VoIP, private cloud servers, and Google Workspace. Sherweb’s also been introducing more of its own in-house products like Office Protect and Online Backup.


2014 was the year that Sherweb launched its own award-winning Performance Cloud, a fast and efficient alternative to complex and expensive IT infrastructure. In 2015, the organization received another nod from Microsoft when it was selected to join a small group of indirect resellers allowed to offer Microsoft 365.


The company’s official partner program was launched in 2012, marking the first step in Sherweb’s distinction as more than a traditional web hosting business. Microsoft Hosted SharePoint and Hosted Lync were added to the product portfolio shortly after.


In 2007, hosting services were expanded to the rest of Canada and into the United States. Internal operations were also expanding to ensure there was always enough technical support staff. In addition, more specialized expertise was needed to help manage Sherweb’s transformation into a larger industry player.


In 2005, the company hit its first significant milestone: inking an agreement with Microsoft to offer Hosted Exchange.


In the early 2000s, Sherweb was steadily growing its reputation as a reliable web hosting provider.


Sherweb was founded in 1998 by brothers Peter and Matthew Cassar. Very few (if any) businesses were offering web hosting services at the time. The Cassars saw this opportunity as a problem their company could solve. They built Sherweb’s first web server on their family’s home computer and started reaching out to local businesses.

But for every ounce of effort poured into Sherweb’s product offerings and solutions, an equal amount was dedicated to helping partners reach their individual goals. Sherweb always made its decisions based not only on what was best for its partner network. Indeed, Sherweb’s commitment to helping partners grow their business is only getting stronger with time.