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Say Goodbye to Complicated Billing

Getting your hands on a simple, monthly, downloadable receipt can be, at the very least, a challenge. But with SherWeb’s partner portal, it couldn’t be simpler.

You will receive a bill from us once a month. It will correspond to the date your account was opened. Or, or you can request that it be sent out at the end of the month. If at the beginning of a month you start with 100 licences, but halfway through you realize you need to cut 25, there is no problem. You will only pay for 75 licences because the invoice you receive is based on usage and will be pro-rated. Just make sure you let us know in the same billing cycle.


This billing model allows you to run your business more cost-effectively, as you pay only for the resources that you use. It can also help with your cash flow. If you bill your end customer before we bill you, there will be no surprises that could leave you out of pocket.


You can export your invoices in the partner portal. Either print out a complete overview as a PDF, or use a CSV file to get a breakdown of individual client invoices.

“Before, if I had 15 customers, I was getting 15 invoices at various times of the month. I had to spend my time hunting down and trying to figure out which invoice was which. It took hours. Now, if you’re managing multiple clients for Office 365, you get a single pane of glass to manage users, licences and billing. You click on Cumulus and everything is easy to see.”

Scott Gallupe, President, 403 Tech.

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