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Microsoft CSP – Why Go Indirect?

SherWeb is one of the few Indirect CSP Partners in North America. Here’s why:

The Advantages of Going With SherWeb

Partner Support
  • Basic support and knowledge
  • 40 second average response time
  • All issues
  • Average 70+ Net Promoter Score
Customer Migration
  • None. You pay for the migration and tools.
  • Included for all of your clients
  • No minimum number of users
Customer Support
  • You
  • SherWeb 24/7 support for you
Time to Market
  • Months
  • Manual sign-up process
  • HR investment to provide 24/7 support
  • 10 minutes
  • Automated via web form

Import Office 365 Clients Automatically

Discover SherWeb’s innovative Import Tool that helps Microsoft Advisors transfer their Office 365 clients to the CSP program.

“The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program gave us the chance to take Office 365 and align it to our existing business model. This program gave us the chance to provide customers with more flexible and valuable managed services.”

Dana Molina, SureTech


On August 31, 2018, Microsoft started charging Direct CSP Partners about $15,000 a year to support their customers. You can avoid these fees by working with an Indirect CSP Provider like SherWeb.

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