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SherWeb’s Intuitive Web-Based Partner Portal

When you start provisioning cloud services, the last thing you need is a complicated partner portal. We surveyed our resellers to find out what kind of features they wanted and we built them into our customized platform. The partner portal provides a 360-degree view of your account. In just a few clicks you can view all the details and get a clear picture of your business to help you accelerate profits. We are constantly working to update the functionalities.

Autotask & ConnectWise


Autotask ConnectWise


We have an import tool that can seamlessly transfer Office 365 seats from other reseller programs.

“The Cumulus interface is really good. It’s fast; it’s organized. It’s straightforward on the pricing and each plan with the description. This is what you need. It’s just quick, accurate, efficient technology that’s keeping me with you!”

Errol Janusz, Edward Technology

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