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Why Nerdio for WVD

Provisioning virtual desktops at a large scale can be complex and time consuming. It involves many steps to build an Azure-powered virtual desktop experience. Why spend days or weeks implementing WVD for your workforce when you can get a complete desktop up and running within a few hours? Nerdio’s automation platform simplifies and accelerates the entire process, saving you time and money.

Get started in 60 seconds

Migrate to WVD in little to no time

Deploy within a few hours

Reduce deployment time from weeks to hours

Everything in 3 clicks or less

Deploy, manage, and optimize WVD in just a few clicks

All in one place

Control your environment from a unified management interface

…and safe

Features & capabilities

  • Simple, automated & guided deployment
  • Seamless integrations into existing deployments
  • Intuitive user & session management
  • Complete session host management
  • Unified desktop image creation & management
  • Usage & performance monitoring
  • Built-in FSLogix profile management
  • Administrator event notifications
  • Advanced schedule and event-based autoscaling
  • Desktop Image and host backup and versioning
  • Role-based WVD tenant management
  • Complete, trackable audit trail

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