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Keeping your customers happy and running a productive field team is a tall order. Does your company make the grade? Give your field agents the tools they need to serve your customers at any time, on any channel. Dynamics 365 for Field Service lets you manage service agreements, choose the right technician for each job and oversee your inventory. All from one application.

  • Manage your technicians’ workloads
  • Create better schedules
  • Track customer warranties
  • Provide mobile access to inventory and parts information

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Dynamics 365 for Field Service - Competition
Dynamics 365 for Field Service - Scheduling Issue

No More Scheduling Nightmares

Do you have trouble scheduling appointments and dispatching the right staff for each service call? Let the automated tool in Field Service take care of it. You’ll fit more service calls into each day and in the end, you’ll get more done.

  • Dispatchers can view the schedule board and see openings right away
  • Choose the right technician for the job according to skills, location or even customer preference
  • Scheduling changes can be made right away as new appointments come in
  • Laborious manual scheduling is a thing of the past

Is Your Field Team Mobile? 70% of workers use mobile devices

Assigning a technician to a field service call is only part of the job. Once they’re on-site, your technicians have to react quickly to what’s going on. They have to know your customer’s history and they have to transfer important information back to the office. All this data can be stored and transferred from their mobile device. And, once they’re finished the job, your technicians can use their device to take photos of their work and get the customer to sign off on the service call.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service - Mobility
Dynamics 365 for Field Service - Keep everyone in the loop

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Once your clients request a service call, the next thing they want to know is when the technician will be there. He can send them automated voice and text messages to remind them of his visit and make sure they’re on-site when he arrives. Other features of Dynamics 365 for Field Service will show your customers a real-time map of the technician while he’s driving to their site. If your customers want more information about previous and upcoming appointments, they can see it in the customer portal.

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Did you Know?

62% of customers surveyed said they stopped doing business with a company after one bad experience with the Customer Service Department.* Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Dynamics 365 for Field Service will help you keep track of customer service contracts, warranties and your customers’ installations. Your customers will be happy and you won’t lose money from bad service calls.

*Source: State of Customer Service Report, Microsoft 2016

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