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on Time and on Budgetwith Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Do you struggle to deliver your projects on time and on budget? Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation makes it easier. Build plans with specially designed templates that can be used again and adjusted for each project. Get a clear view of what stage you’re at and who is working on what. Determine at a glance if the project is profitable and will meet the customer’s expectations. All project details – from the quote to the invoice – is stored in a single system

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Get the Right People on the Right Projects

Assigning resources for each project is a lot easier when you can see all the information from one central platform. Your Project Managers can view the profiles of team members and choose the right staff according to their specific skills and past experiences. Details like resource costs, performance data and billable rates are all displayed. Once the work begins, project team members can track their tasks directly in Outlook and on their mobile devices.

  • Your employees will be happier because they’ll be doing the work they like
  • The Find a Project app lets team members apply to work on projects that interest them

Are You Losing Money Because of Poor Project Planning?

Most companies lose an average of $110,000* a year because of poor time management. Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation will make it easier for you to control your time and expenses. Use the project calendars in Outlook to track estimated and billed time as you work through each stage of the project. You can also provide your customers with financial progress in real time so they can work with you to make adjustments if necessary.

*Source: 3 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Time Tracking Solutions, Flipsnack Study 2015
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A Project Manager’s Dream Come True

Your Project Managers couldn’t wish for a better system. A single dashboard where they can review, override and approve all costs for each job. They can also communicate with customers in real time to ensure that project quotes and resources are still in line with the original projections.

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Did you Know?

Employee attrition has increased by more than 6% in the last 3 years.* Fewer employees mean it’s even harder for companies to maintain good relationships with their customers. Business owners like you have to provide more opportunities for workers to develop their careers and expand their skills and knowledge.

*Source: SPI Research Analysis for Microsoft 2016


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