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If you’re in the SMB space and you’re still looking for a powerful CRM tool with a manageable price tag, you should know that Nimble is a great fit for your customer’s sales and marketing automation needs. 

Since its release, Nimble has equipped small-business professionals with insights on social, relationship-building, and marketing activities for all their key accounts. It’s also helped sales teams build a more accurate pipeline, prospect smarter, and generate analytics for metrics that matter. Integrating with current workflows in Microsoft 365, Nimble helps companies stay connected when they need it most—in the midst of a global pandemic, for example.

Many of us are experiencing an unexpected amount of isolation right now, but it’s important your customers don’t let it negatively affect their business momentum. Nimble has some helpful tips and new features to help keep SMBs connected to their prospects, whatever the situation might be.

Nimble tips and tricks to stay connected in a more remote world 

One of the first tips Nimble has for users is to create a unified database of contacts by ensuring each one is uploaded across all productivity platforms. This tip segues right into an improved feature for Nimble’s contact listing function: the ability to use Nimble Prospector (and the PieSync integration) to bring in contacts from social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and other applications like QuickBooks and MailChimp. All users have to do is upload a .CSV file from each of their business applications, and they’re on their way to creating a unified database. 

With this redesigned functionality, Nimble makes it easy to create intentional outreach with Microsoft Teams. Your clients won’t have to worry that their marketing emails become just another message in a prospect’s inbox, because they can tag contacts on the Contact Listing dashboard for easy market segmentation and perform ultra-targeted outreach. Furthermore, once clients create the segments they want, they’re able to save them, reuse them, see them in a table view, and complete bulk actions like send group messages and set email reminders.

The Group Message feature lets users send up to 100 emails per user a day. This feature works well because it allows SMB clients to use pre-made templates and add in their own merge tags. Nimble also provides enrichment credits for daily usage in order to auto-generate missing information your team hasn’t found about a contact—an email address, for example. If your clients have a lot of contacts to sift through and tag, Nimble has easy in-line editing so they can eliminate the sheer amount of clicks. The Contact List dashboard also has a collapsible sidebar that shows all contacts, individually created segments, and segments shared by other teammates.

Collaboration is simple with Nimble! That’s why their last tip for these challenging times to make working together a priority, as it can boost productivity and generate some of the best outreach possible. Nimble makes it easy to work together by deploying shared templates so users can see analytics for what worked in terms of outreach activities across their organization. Once you find something that works, simply scale it and re-use it!

Nimble can also help your SMB clients create email templates to share and collaborate on with colleagues using Nimble’s template editor. In the editor, users can add merge tags and attachments like white papers, video links, and more; don’t forget to make the engagement personal! Once the email is tested and it generates healthy analytics for who opened it, who clicked a link, and who downloaded a white paper (among other actions), then your customer is ready to share it with other teammates. Sharing is easy with just a click of a button. Once shared, templates can be accessed from the individual contact level, a group message, or using Teams.

Even though many of us are living in a remote-work world, Nimble makes maintaining connections with customers and colleagues a breeze for your SMB clients. Become a Sherweb partner to add Nimble CRM to your cloud solutions portfolio and join our extended network of managed service providers.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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