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Nick O’Hara used to think that onboarding new clients to Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) was just too difficult. He couldn’t find a UC provider that could offer him a decent price or easy integration.

Once O’Hara started working with SherWeb, he changed his mind.

O’Hara is a cloud engineer for IOTAP, a Managed IT Services Provider based in Reston, VA. The company, which also has offices in the United Kingdom, Oman and India, has been in business for 15 years. IOTAP offers solutions for Business Process Automation as well as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics. The company has about 80 clients in the US and is a Tier-1 Provider for Microsoft and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

What Makes UCaaS So Special?

It’s a great collaboration tool. The applications and services in UCaaS allow employees to communicate and collaborate across their devices, no matter where they’re working. UCaaS gives them access to services like video conferencing, file sharing and instant messaging through a single, streamlined platform. Tools in a UCaaS solution can vary from one organization to another. James Welburn, SherWeb’s Technical Solutions Advisor for VoIP, said the company has created a valuable UCaaS solution by integrating its own Cloud PBX with Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Easy to Pitch

O’Hara said IOTAP, which has been a SherWeb partner for almost two years, first learned about SherWeb’s UCaaS solution while it was shopping for a new distributor for Office 365.

O’Hara said his first UCaaS client, a software developer, was already using a VoIP solution. However, many of the company’s 50-member staff worked remotely and needed a better way to collaborate from different locations. Integrating a solution with Microsoft Teams seemed like an obvious choice, but O’Hara was hesitant because of the complications involved with hosting Skype, acquiring licenses and programming and setting up the physical phones.

A Painful Process

SherWeb was able to avoid this problem because its UCaaS solution has connectors that bridge its Cloud PBX system to Microsoft Teams. This means SherWeb can take care of all the backend work without intervention from either the customer or the partner. All the customer must do is log into their Teams- enabled devices using their Office 365 credentials.

SherWeb was also able to avoid an overlap in services, something O’Hara said is quite common in this kind of system transfer.

Client Prefers UCaaS

O’Hara said his client is really pleased with its new UCaaS solution.

So, what would O’Hara recommend to other MSPs who are looking for a solid UCaaS provider?

Catherine Castonguay Senior Account Executive

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