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Formal symposia of industry experts and leaders.


Mini conferences focusing on specific cloud solutions.


Sessions featuring hands-on product and sale strategies by Subject Matter Experts.

Program launch

Introductions to a new or revamped MSP solution.


Casual events aimed at new developments and fresh updates.


Skill paths covering product and technical information every partner should know.

On-demand webinar

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program: Spring update

Need help navigating the recent changes to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP)? Our experts break down the latest updates t... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Keeping up with Office Protect: Summer edition

The summer edition of our quarterly webinar series, tune in to see a live demo of the latest updates, meet the Office Protect team... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Drive growth with AI-powered D365 Business Central

Learn about the latest in AI-powered experiences in D365 Business Central from Sherweb and Microsoft experts.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Microsoft this month: March ’23 edition

Everything you need to know about the most important Microsoft news, updates and promotions!... > Read more

On-demand webinar

How to upsell your Microsoft 365 clients

Learn about the various resources in the Microsoft ecosystem you can use to enhance your product offering.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Simplify your cloud practice in 2023 with Performance Cloud

Discover Performance Cloud - our own Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. Spinning up a VMware Virtual Machine has never been sim... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Malwarebytes: Endpoint security made for MSPs

Get to know Malwarebytes' OneView mangement console and endpoint security solutions.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

How to navigate Microsoft’s DAP to GDAP transition

Tune in for a comprehensive overview of the changes coming with Microsoft's switch to granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) a... > Read more

On-demand webinar

How to pitch and demo your Power App

Learn the sales techniques and demo best practices that will enable you to sell Power Apps efficiently and profitably.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Microsoft incentives update: Modern Work and Biz Apps

Tune in for an update on Microsoft FY23 partner incentives with a focus on Modern Work and Biz Apps.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Azure Virtual Desktop: Desktop as a Service explained

Watch this introductory webinar to find out how to start and grow your AVD business.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

QuickBooks – An easy way for your business to generate MRR

Learn how you can easily offer your customers QuickBooks - the #1 most requested product by Sherweb partners!... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Meet Sherweb’s new M365 backup powered by Veeam

Learn about Sherweb's new simple and complete Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution powered by Veeam.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Selling security 101: Safeguarding M365 with Office Protect

Your clients already assume you’re responsible for Microsoft 365 security... So how can you increase your security profitability... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience: November 2022 update

Join us as we discuss the latest updates on Microsoft's New Commerce Experience.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

How Trend Micro makes cybersecurity Worry-Free for MSPs

Join us to learn how Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Suite supports MSPs with tailored, scalable solutions to protect their clients.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

MSP Sales Lessons: How to structure your sales team for rapid growth!

Join Vernon Harrison, Principal Consultant at CRO Leader and author of "The MSP Owner's Manual" as he presents the best ways to st... > Read more

On-demand webinar

End of Basic Authentication in M365: Are you ready?

On October 1 2022, Microsoft is forcefully disabling Basic Authentication for Exchange in all Microsoft 365 tenants. Office Protec... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Why and how to migrate from Nerdio’s NFA to NMM

We'll talk about why NFA is going away, what NMM is all about, when you need to migrate, and what the migration looks like, then p... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Microsoft Silver partners and changes to the Partner Network

Join us for the latest updates on upcoming changes to Microsoft's partner program and how it will impact Silver partners. Sherweb'... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Introduction to Microsoft solutions partner designations

Join us for the latest updates on upcoming changes to Microsoft's partner program, including an introduction to solutions partner... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Increase Azure profitability with Sherweb and Microsoft

Learn directly from Microsoft about the profitability of Azure and how to make the case for Azure vs. SPLA. You’ll also discover... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Grow your business with Google Workspace

Everything you need to know about reselling Google Workspace to bring your business to the next level. Discover how Google makes i... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Get ready to grow with Sherweb Helpdesk powered by GMS

Join us to find out how a white-labeled helpdesk can help MSPs scale and grow their business.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Adopt the cloud: Your guide to a successful Azure migration

Unlock a trove of information and tools to equip you in your first Azure migration.... > Read more

Video training skill paths

Partner University

Take your cloud business to the next level with the training offered in our Partner University. Become an expert seller by taking... > Read more

On-demand webinar

What’s changing with the Microsoft Partner Network?

Tune in for the latest updates on the changes to Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program with Sherweb’s Alexandre Laflamme, Microsof... > Read more

On-demand webinar

How to resell Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and profit!

To stay up to date with customer demands, MSPs are taking advantage of the increase in demand to resell Azure and Windows Virtual... > Read more

On-demand seminar

SMB cyber security: Now is the time for zero trust

With the surge in cyber crime targeting users and businesses, we need a new approach now more than ever. Find out how you can secu... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Google Workspace: Flexible, secure and simple!

Google Workspace: Empower your customers with a secure, integrated workspace that’ll allow them to increase their agility an... > Read more

On-Demand MSP MasterClass

MBA for MSPs

Access a curriculum bursting with actionable insights, practical advice, and growth strategies for a future-ready IT business.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

2 clicks away from getting your Microsoft 365 security right

Discover the top Microsoft 365 security risks & learn how Office Protect sets you up to manage them 24/7 without any extra effort... > Read more

Video training

Power Platform Insight Series

Learn to integrate Power Platform, streamline your business processes with Power Apps, and increase overall productivity.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Navigating Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Overview of key changes and tips to navigate Microsoft's new unified billing platform.... > Read more

On-demand Workshop

Get the best hands-on experience to resell Business Central

Join us for this special four-hour workshop. We'll take a detailed look at all the features in Business Central and give you the t... > Read more

On demand webinar

Reselling Business Central is easier than you think

This webinar is designed for resellers who want to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 offering. Find out how to drive Azure co... > Read more

On demand webinar

Hey! Is your client still using ”password” as a password?

Did you know that simplifying passwords is the easiest way for your clients to secure their business? Find out more about this new... > Read more

Partner Training

Marketing Program

Demonstrating your expertise to potential clients requires ongoing conversations and building relationships. We’ll walk you thro... > Read more

On-demand webinar

AVD vs. Windows 365: Everything you need to know

Join us to delve into the differences between AVD and Windows 365 and learn how to pitch the right solution to your clients.... > Read more

On-demand Partner Call

Microsoft Commerce updates: Fireside chat

An exclusive look at updates to the Microsoft Commerce experience and incentives... > Read more

On-demand workshop

Dynamics 365 Marketing In A Day

Join us for this hands-on workshop designed for Presales consultants responsible for understanding Dynamics 365 Marketing.... > Read more

On-demand Partner Call

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience: November update

Tune in for the latest updates on Microsoft's New Commerce Experience and incentives with Sherweb's Alexandre Laflamme.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Telling the Microsoft Zero Trust Security Story – A Blueprint for Partner Success

Enhance or start your Microsoft Zero Trust security practice with some lessons learned and best practices from a fellow Sherweb pa... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Are your M365 tenants exposed? A better path to security

How confident are you in the security of your clients' Microsoft 365 tenants? Learn how Sherweb's MDR service, Office Protect Alli... > Read more

On-demand Partner Call

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience: December update

Tune in for the latest updates on Microsoft's New Commerce Experience and incentives with Sherweb's Alexandre Laflamme.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Automate your customers’ eSignatures with signNow

If you aren't talking about eSignature to your customers, someone else is. Join us to help get the conversation started.... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Security training: Office Protect

Attend this webinar to receive in-depth training on how Office Protect secures Microsoft 365 tenants and how it can elevate your s... > Read more

On-demand webinar

Microsoft’s NCE and March price increase: Q & A

Tune in for the latest updates on Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) and March price increase plus a Q & A session with S... > Read more

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