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Partner portal

Start licensing, provisioning and billing your clients

Once you’re signed up as a partner, you’ll receive a welcome email containing key resources to kick-start your partnership. This includes how to get started with your Sherweb partner portal.

Our portal brings your business into an easy-to-use platform. It’s where you provision clients, sell cloud solutions, access your partner toolbox, connect your PSA or billing tool, and request 24/7 technical support.

Getting started is easy. We’ll take you on a quick tour of each section. You’ll see how to manage, license and provision clients, create and monitor helpdesk tickets and take advantage of Sherweb migration services.

Secure your portal

Secure your portal

Securing both your business data and your customers’ information is critical. That’s why we’ve implemented federated identity management and multi-factor authentication features into our portal. Our partners use these best practice security settings to secure their services and protect against unauthorized access to their accounts.

Simplify the way you work

Simplify the way you work

If you’re using a PSA or billing tool, you can easily connect it to our portal through our suite of integrations:

Quickbooks en ligne d'Intuit QuickBooks Online
Quickbooks bureau d'Intuit QuickBooks Desktop

The integrations are free and included in our portal. Adding an integration can greatly enhance the way you deliver services as an MSP. It automates billing and administrative tasks, allowing you to optimize profits and grow.

Our integrated features include:

  • Set it & forget it—Map your organizations and products in one easy step for a smooth transition to automated billing
  • Synchronization—Automatically sync contract info or invoices to save time and money
  • Real time alerts—Be automatically notified on synchronization errors and mapping issues, so you capture every single transaction
  • Intuitive proration—Prorate invoices easily while avoiding costly errors and building client trust
  • Up-to-date pricing—Bill clients accurately with the most up-to-date product info

“Sherweb integrations save me time creating invoices from scratch each month.”

— WeEz Solutions

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