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Grow your business

Services and support suited to your goals

Many traditional distributors give you an endless supply of cloud solutions to choose from, but unlimited choices don’t necessarily help you save time and money. We stick to proven products and services and tailor the best solution to fit both your goals and your clients’ needs.

Delve into an entire suite of partner services, benefits and programs to support your clients’ digital transformation and take your business even further.

Grow your business


One of the best ways to meet a variety of customer needs is bundling your services. You can combine multiple solutions based on related IT functions to offer them complete packages of strategic managed services.

A bundle strategy can help you demonstrate added value to customers and increase your revenue and profit margins.

As a Sherweb partner, we advise you on how to combine your own services (like consulting, product training or technical support) with a product, such as Microsoft 365. Your Account Manager will be ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with resources to help you build your own bundle.

You can also leverage our ready-made bundles that are unique to the market. Check them out:

G Suite
Microsoft 365
Quickbooks Online
Trend Micro
Office Protect

Productivity bundle

Many of our partners use our productivity bundle to boost their margins with Microsoft 365, establish closer customer relationships and leverage easy upsell opportunities. This offer includes add-on solutions for security, backup and eLearning with selected Microsoft 365 plans, for the same price as our regular Microsoft 365 plans.

Microsoft Office applications, professional email services, cloud storage, intelligent tools for streamlining operations and advanced analytics and security features.

A service designed to help you secure your Microsoft 365 tenant with 24/7 expert monitoring, detection and curated response actions. Office Protect is also available as a standalone software.

A reliable backup solution that enables users to store important data and ensure business continuity if a disaster occurs.

An eLearning platform that helps drive Microsoft 365 user adoption and engagement via a personalized learning path based on the company’s goals, job roles, work habits and employee skill levels.

Security bundle

Our security bundle combines advanced security solutions and services to deliver the best protection.

Microsoft 365 security

Office Protect offers threat detection and response to help you provide round-the-clock security operations for your clients.

Endpoint protection

Bitdefender blocks the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats without the headaches. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource footprint than Bitdefender.

Email security & compliance

Proofpoint email protection acts as an additional line of defense in your cyber security arsenal. Use it to help safeguard email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously ensuring compliance and business continuity.

Backup & disaster recovery

Acronis Online Backup makes sure your data, infrastructure, etc. is copied, stored and recoverable from a secure cloud location, at any time, from anywhere.

Explore more of our bundles and solutions on our page.

“We do very much value the one-stop-shop aspect of Sherweb. It has really given me back a lot of time to devote directly to the customer, instead of spending all my time trying to find solutions for the customer.”

– Intellithought

Partner Services

Elevate your business with our white-label services for MSPs. We’ll handle your technical operations to fill service gaps, extend your expertise and provide a top customer experience.

NOC Services

We’ll help you provide alerting, monitoring, reporting and maintenance functions. Have more time to focus on your business and become your clients' NOC and trusted IT advisor.

Office Protect

Get the support you need to ensure 24/7 cyber safety for your Microsoft 365 clients. Offer monitoring, detection and response—and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Helpdesk Services

Running a helpdesk can be chaotic. Lighten your workload with 24/7/365 and after-hours white label support. Choose a monthly plan—per seat or per ticket—or full-time dedicated support.


Centralize and optimize all aspects of your service desk management to deliver, standardize and document your IT support processes. Designed specifically for MSPs, it’s fully automated with zero coding required.


Our networking programs are exclusively for our partners. We connect you with other members of our network who can share valuable industry knowledge.

Expert Dynamics 365 Partners (P2P Network)

Do you lack the technical expertise or confidence to invest in and deliver Dynamics 365? No problem! We can pair you with an expert partner in our network who will help you close the deal and set up the necessary services for your client. You maintain ownership of the client and invoicing. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sherweb will match MSPs with a Dynamics 365 expert

Step 2: Both sides will work together to help the end client

Step 3: Dynamics experts will learn more about the sales process and the MSP will learn more about the technical side of Dynamics

Partner Connect

Hop on a monthly online meeting with fellow Sherweb partners and a subject matter expert for the opportunity to network and exchange information and tips on a variety of topics, such as sales, marketing and HR. Hear what your peers are doing to work out complex issues in their businesses, like how they handle staffing issues or manage their teams in certain situations.

Not-for-Resale (NFR) program

It’s important to be able to take our cloud products for a test drive. It makes it a lot easier to pitch and resell them to your clients because you’re already using them yourself.

Our NFR program is available for all our partners. It allows you to use many of our cloud products in your own business for free or at a discounted price. This will help you better understand how they work and fill a gap for clients. You can also create bundles and cross-selling opportunities once you start selling so you can generate more revenue.

> See which products are available for NFR

“The Not-for-Resale program really benefits Amaxra. It brings us a lot of value in the fact that we’re able to really try out products and we’re able to see how [they] can be used to benefit our end-user.”

– Amaxra

MPN consultation services

Navigating something as complex as the Microsoft ecosystem can be overwhelming and time consuming. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that! Our experts will tell you everything you need to know and guide you at every step, including how to:

  • Get an MPN ID
  • Sign up as a CSP Indirect Reseller with Microsoft
  • Connect your Sherweb partner portal to the Microsoft Partner Center by using your MPN ID to get your sales recognized
  • Establish a reseller relationship with Sherweb customers to manage and view them from the Microsoft Partner Center
  • Get competencies to unlock CSP incentives
  • Enroll in the CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive program
  • Calculate incentives

“Sherweb helps us navigate the Microsoft ecosystem in many different ways. Licensing is critical. Microsoft has a lot of grey areas. Their licensing documentation is not very good at all. And Sherweb is an expert in all the licensing so we can reach out to them anytime.”

– 3Points

Get training

It’s important to keep up with the latest tech trends and learn best practices to grow your business. But it’s not easy when you’re busy doing one urgent task after another. That’s why we offer our partners training at their own pace through multiple channels. We help you see what opportunities are out there and plan for the future of your business, so you can achieve your goals.

Knowledge network

MSP MasterClass

Industry experts give you the sales and marketing tools to compete. This on-demand series features our most popular sessions and workshops from our Accelerate Cloud Summit . Here are just some of the topics you can explore:

  • 25 rules for running a successful MSP
  • How to double your cloud revenue
  • Secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs
  • How to create customer experiences that inspire loyalty
  • Trends in managed services


Our webinars educate partners about Sherweb’s products and how to sell them. You can join the conversation alongside other members of our network and get your questions answered from our host, featured experts and guests during the webinar. If you miss a webinar, don’t worry. You can catch up by watching it on the Sherweb YouTube channel anytime.


Sherweb joins forces with industry experts like Karl Palachuk and Todd Hussey, to give you live coaching and hands-on training.

These courses cover a variety of topics that focus on helping you build a successful business with actionable tips, tactics and Q&A sessions. Are you meeting all your clients’ needs? Are you selling to the right people? You’ll learn what MSPs need to do to succeed today and how to make strategic decisions on the future of your business.

Whether you’re looking to transition from break-fix to a recurring revenue model, build a marketing and sales plan or create a strong cloud offering, we’ve got you covered.


These mini conferences focus on specific cloud solutions. Sherweb experts lead relevant discussions and share strategies and tools to grow your managed services offering, such as how to ramp up security in times of uncertainty and assessing your clients’ security posture.

Partner University

Take your cloud business to the next level! Enroll in Sherweb’s Partner University and get access to skill paths on topics such as business, sales, marketing and operations. You’ll learn about the features and benefits of many cloud solutions plus the right way to sell them. The curriculum also includes technical training and product demos.

Marketing Program

Do you want to host a local event but don’t know where to start or how to promote it? Maybe you want to put a webinar together or any other marketing campaign to attract new leads and clients.

This interactive program is exclusively for Sherweb partners. It’s designed to simplify, guide and support your various marketing efforts, empowering you to promote your expertise to potential clients and maximize sales opportunities. You’ll learn effective strategies, master best practices and use our resources to launch your own marketing campaigns quickly, such as webinars, lunch and learns, and more.

With new content continuously being added, we arm you with the right tools to help you achieve your goals faster:

  • Training videos you can watch at your own pace
  • Ready-made digital marketing resources and campaigns-in-a-box
  • Step-by-step guides to help you set up and execute your campaigns
  • Sherweb marketing experts will guide and support you to ensure your success
  • Access to marketing development funds (MDF) to supplement your promotion strategies

Marketing Program Learn. Engage. Thrive

Learn more about our marketing program

“The Marketing Program was an excellent way to push us to do our first in-person event. The training that was provided as well as the content allowed us to create a deck that made it easy to present our Office 365 offering to potential customers. Out of 9 people that showed up to our event, we closed 5 of them within 2 weeks. The MDF funds allowed us to ensure we had an event hall, food, presentation materials and giveaway content that kept us in mind when the potential customer left our presentation. It was a pivotal moment for us that brought on more customers at one time that we normally bring on naturally in 6 months.”

– Wilkins IT Solutions

Marketing development funds (MDF)

Sherweb makes marketing development funds available to eligible partners for lead generation activities and to support their sales and marketing strategies.

To qualify, you should work closely with your Account Manager during your strategic account planning sessions. Together, you will prepare a joint engagement plan defining various terms and conditions before submitting an MDF request to the Sherweb Partner Success team for review and approval.

MDF can be distributed in the form of an account credit or invoiced against any outstanding balance after the approved activity takes place, and with proof of execution. All MDF funds belong to Sherweb, and Sherweb reimburses you for approved activities at its sole discretion.

Approved MDF activities include:





Seller training

Marketing materials

Accelerate Cloud Summit

Sherweb hosts Accelerate, its annual cloud summit. Since it first kicked off in 2017, Accelerate focuses on empowering MSPs, VARs and IT professionals to build and grow a successful cloud business.

This is your chance to learn from renowned industry experts as they lead best practice discussions, workshops and training sessions specifically designed to accelerate your cloud journey.

You’ll discover the latest trends, go-to-market products and solutions, actionable sales and marketing tools and strategies. Plus, you’ll meet and interact with members of the Sherweb team, including management and executives. You can also go one-on-one with your Account Manager to build a strategic business growth plan during the event.

Accelerate Cloud Summit

“Immensely engaging, informative, and practical.”

– Aegis Innovators

Sales performance incentive funds

Here’s a great way to motivate your sales reps to sell new cloud solutions. Our SPIF program helps your sales team meet or exceed sales goals by providing extra financial incentives.

You can unlock this program as your monthly recurring revenue with Sherweb increases! Don’t have the required MRR to access SPIF? No problem. We can give you access for an agreed period of time based on your growth potential and your overall engagement with Sherweb.

Partner toolbox

This is our resource library, and it’s loaded with practical templates and tools created just for our partners. The resources are designed to empower you to sell, market and support your Sherweb cloud solutions.

Whether you need help positioning a product or promoting your solution, we provide pre-prepared and customizable collaterals for every stage of your process. Includes demo videos, pitch decks, product sheets, sales and migration guides, email templates, quote builders, TCO calculators, battlecards, assessments and campaigns-in-a-box. We’re always adding new content!

Make our resources your own and access them at any time to increase sales, build customer relationships and maximize your impact. This way, you won’t have to create the content yourself or pay a marketing agency to do it for you.

Partner toolbox

“Partnering with Sherweb allows us to really focus on our customers, focus on our business goals. And that’s simply because Sherweb provides that great support to take care of what they do best, allowing us to take care of what we do best.”

– Creospark

PartnerOn marketing digital platform

Imagine a tool that creates shareable social media, email and blog content each week for you. You won’t have to do anything in-house! That’s what you get with PartnerOn . It’s a Microsoft third-party app and Sherweb partners can use it at no cost.

Think of it as your own personal marketing assistant. It sends you relevant content for you to either send to your prospects/customers or publish across your website or social media channels. With this platform, you can find a wide range of topics, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, and participate in 12-week digital campaigns that include customer-facing content and partner resources.

The purpose of this platform is to make it easier for you to publish content so you can generate leads as part of your multichannel marketing strategy.

Partners using this platform have reported a 225% increase in sales and attribute 40% of annual revenue to increased marketing.

Qorus content hub

It can be difficult to find the content you need in Microsoft Partner Network to get to market faster. That’s why we offer our partners Qorus , a content hub that’s embedded within Microsoft 365.

Qorus collects marketing and sales assets from across the Microsoft Partner Network and your Sherweb partner toolbox. With this app, you’ll have fast access to Microsoft and Sherweb solutions, products and industry information.

That means you and your team can easily search for, share and customize a variety of resources straight from Office apps like Word, PowerPoint or Outlook. This will help you to quickly create market-ready presentations, emails, pitches, proposals, RFP responses and more.

You’ll spend less time preparing content and more time with your potential and existing customers.

Qorus content hub

Pre-sales Solution Architects

Our pre-sales team plays a critical role in the success of our partners in winning new business deals. You can take advantage of our pre-sales support for free.

As subject matter experts, they help you identify and capitalize on opportunities with new and existing customers, position our entire catalog of products and service solutions, and accelerate the sales process. They support you with technical and sales advice, best practices and solution engineering for complex scenarios.

You can always turn to them as a complete extension of your own team to support your success.

Pre-sales Solution Architects

Technical and sales knowledge

Our Solution Architects know our product portfolio inside and out. They can consult with you on all things related to the cloud and help you answer your clients’ technical questions, including what Sherweb products, solutions and services are right for you and your clients.

Best practices

Our team can help you navigate complicated migration and onboarding issues with ease. You can count on them to help you position products and guide your clients through the sales cycle. Qualified partners can get technical and sales training for their teams.

Solution engineering

Whether you need help designing new cloud solutions for your own offerings, understanding complex technical requirements or handling customer objections, our Solution Architects are standing by to help. They know how to address customer concerns and identify opportunities for growth.

“We’ve leveraged the Sherweb pre-sales teams in a variety of ways. One such example was when we had a customer looking to move to the Azure cloud for the first time from their on-premise infrastructure–the pre-sales team helped us create a transition path for that customer that included Azure infrastructure diagrams, as well as pricing.”

– Creospark

Marketing consultation

L3 and L4 partners are eligible to receive marketing consultation from one of our marketing experts to ensure they have the right strategies in place to attract and engage customers.

Our marketing experts are well-versed in both the IT and marketing worlds and are more than happy to provide recommendations on marketing strategies.

Here are some of the different ways they can help:

  • Evaluate your go-to-market strategy, materials and initiatives, including social media and advertising
  • Identify new opportunities to engage your target audience as well as improve relations with existing clients
  • Propose ideas on how to provide conversations and messaging that resonate with potential customers
  • Improve engagement through social media and marketing campaigns

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Elite, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite-tiered partners have access to our TAM services and use them as a single point of contact to escalate all technical support issues 24/7/365.

The TAM is responsible for pushing special requests and coordinate the intervention of various technical teams to help resolve critical support tickets.

Our TAM team consists of technology and strategy experts who are proficient in incident management. They work as an extension to your internal IT organization and will provide expertise tailored to your business needs to help you protect customer relationships, reduce technical risk and manage complexities.

Technical support

Whatever your issue, we’ve got the expert staff to handle it. Our 300+ agents resolve about 10,000 tickets every month with an average response time of 40 seconds. We can also support your end-clients on your behalf.

With Sherweb, you don’t need to invest in a costly support service. You’ve got all the support you need to build a thriving business:

  • We make technical support available 24/7/365 by email, chat and phone in both English and French based in North America
  • We offer support for every client, not just the managed services accounts
  • We can cover all your L1 and L2 tickets
  • Our partners have access to VIP support, which means your call will be placed higher in the queue and you’ll only deal with our most experienced technicians

Co-sell assistance

Adding a new solution to your portfolio can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re hesitant to try out a new product, or don’t know enough about the technology to sell it confidently, our product team has got you covered.

Our product experts will take calls with you to help you close deals faster, under your brand. Most of our partners think of them as an extension of their own sales team.

It’s a lot easier to reach your goals when you can turn to the right people who will arm you with the technical expertise to help you position a product effectively, architect a cloud solution for your customer or approach a prospect with ease to discuss potential opportunities. Our product experts can help you with all of that.


“Sherweb is really able to connect with MSPs, nurture them and help them
grow to something bigger than they even envisioned.”

– Aegis Innovators

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