White-label monitoring, detection and response: the secret cheat code for Microsoft 365 security


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Cybersecurity is top of mind

Microsoft 365 is by far the most targeted platform for cybercrime (Kaspersky Lab, 20201) and its users are waking up to the fact that they now face real threats. When this Sherweb partner’s clients began asking how they were shielded against increasingly sophisticated attacks, the MSSP realized they had a gap to fill – and two ways to approach it.

The first option was to fund, develop and maintain an in-house M365 security solution. This would place a considerable strain on their internal resources, including finances, focus and the need for 24/7 coverage by qualified salaried technicians. The second option was to look for an external industry-leading solution and seize the opportunity to become a cybersecurity hero for their end clients with far fewer headaches.

Safeguarding M365 tenants with ease

After a thorough competitive analysis, Office Protect, Sherweb’s MDR software, turned out to be a perfect fit – it is a comprehensive managed detection and response solution that can be provisioned to end clients as an invisible backend tool. While the software automatically and continuously monitors for threats, eliminates false positives and alerts for items that require action, the MSSP owns the relationship with the client and manages all alert triage and necessary interventions. Office Protect works as a complement to the security provider’s offering, allowing them to cover Microsoft 365 security almost instantly, with markedly less effort and cost.

A simple security application to which end clients are not directly exposed, Office Protect enabled the Sherweb white-label partner to provide their clients with the tangible results they expect rather than to merely offer another product in the stack. Sherweb acts as the software supplier while the MSSP provides the service, with Office Protect fully integrated into their internal operations.

Outsmarting cybercriminals now and in the future

Deployment was rapid – while some implementation effort was required at first, this has been more than offset by dozens of hours saved manually mitigating threats. Another added benefit that the MSSP appreciates: the solution is constantly upgraded with improved features and functionalities, anticipating new security issues before they become serious.

This 60+ employee company has been able to safeguard over 29,000 seats with white-label Office Protect, resulting in rapid business growth. It is a security solution that is entirely customizable, however, and works equally well no matter the scope of your cybersecurity endeavor. The Sherweb white-label partner now offers effortless security to new customers of all sizes, who know they can rely on bulletproof protection in cyberspace and focus on their business instead.

1 Over 70% of the total complaints received by Kaspersky were related to applications within Microsoft Office, with browsers trailing behind in a distant second.


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