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BaaS that works for you

Secure your clients’ M365 data and increase your revenue while we take care of the day-to-day administration at a price that just makes sense.

Increase MRR

Boost the value of M365 for both you and your clients. They’ll get the backup they need and you’ll increase your monthly recurring revenue when you bundle this solution with M365.

No admin required

Subscribe, get set up and we’ll handle the rest—daily operations, monitoring and platform management is off your plate.

Pricing that works in your favor

Simple plans with rates per user1 and discounts based on volume and commitment. You won’t pay for storage or network traffic.

Reduce helpdesk tickets

A self-service portal empowers end users to restore their latest backups themselves, freeing up IT staff to focus on business-critical tickets.

It’s time for a simple BaaS solution

Your clients may not be aware that they need to back up their M365 data. Our all-in-one BaaS solution makes it easy to get your clients backed up with no day-to-day admin from you required.

BaaS is booming

The backup as a service market is projected to grow by $17.73 billion in the next four years.2

More businesses are moving to the cloud

The number of businesses to use cloud storage or a managed backup service is expected to increase by almost 15% in the next year.3

Your clients may be unprotected

47% of businesses do not back up their M365 data beyond the built-in M365 capabilities.4 This is an opportunity for MSPs to offer a BaaS solution and protect their clients’ data.

Level up with the right partner

Everything in one place for Microsoft success

We have everything you need to be successful with Microsoft. Take advantage of bundling opportunities to increase your monthly recurring revenue and boost your offer. Save time and money by getting it all in one place with only one invoice to handle.

Well-rounded MSP services

We work with you to understand your business needs and help you navigate presales, marketing, account management and more. Our value-added services help MSPs optimize their operations and strategic planning to push their business further and reach their full potential.

We respond to your challenges

Our partners come first, so if you’re struggling with a specific aspect of your business, we want to know about it. We’ll work with you to find the right solution, sometimes even creating a brand new Sherweb-exclusive solution like M365 backup powered by Veeam.

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