Effortlessly manage and deploy virtual desktops on Azure

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Fast-track your management and deployment of virtual desktops on Azure

Nerdio Manager for MSP is an Azure managed application for building robust virtual desktop environments.

Simplified pricing

Easy-to-use cost estimate wizard lets you quickly price Azure Virtual Desktop environments and easily monitor monthly costs.

Fast to deploy < 1hr

Save time and deploy a complete virtual desktop environment in under an hour or an existing environment in minutes.

Effortless to manage

Easy-to-use, single pane of glass admin panel makes managing Azure simple – in 3 clicks or less.

Significant cost savings

Save up to 75% on consumption costs by auto-scaling your virtual desktop environments. Monitor health of WVD environments with auto-heal and patented auto-scaling technologies.

Nothing comes close to Bitdefender

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* Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now called Azure Virtual Desktop. Learn more.