SherWeb Launches High Performance Cloud Servers

Benchmark testing shows new pay-as-you-go cloud server outperforms major competitors SHERBROOKE, QC, September 30, 2014 — Award-winning cloud services provider SherWeb today announced the highly anticipated official launch of its Performance Cloud, which has been available on a limited basis since May. Included in this announcement is SherWeb’s most recent industry benchmarking data comparing SherWeb’s public cloud solution with that of Google, Amazon and Rackspace. SherWeb’s UnixBench score of 2178 versus Amazon’s 1444 for overall server performance makes SherWeb’s on-demand cloud servers by far the fastest among market leaders. The long-time hosting provider says its new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution fills a major void in the market and that channel demand has been particularly strong. Unlike competing offers, SherWeb’s Performance Cloud Servers do not make enterprise or SMB end-user organizations compromise performance for cost, or vice versa. Most big-name public clouds are built on consumer-grade equipment unable to handle heavy workloads without suffering from performance degradation. SherWeb’s solution is built on top-of-the-line enterprise-grade equipment such as premier Dell hardware, all-flash SAN storage and N+2 hardware redundancy with full failover. Fully compatible with both Linux and Windows, the servers are based on Microsoft virtualization technology. Reliability is assured with a 99.999% financially-backed uptime guarantee. “We engineered our Performance Cloud from the ground-up to out-value anything else on the market today,” says SherWeb’s Co-founder and President, Matthew Cassar. “Not only do our cloud servers offer lightning-fast performance and virtually unlimited on-demand compute power, they also allow businesses to align spending with actual usage. For organizations that normally have to overprovision to accommodate peak periods, the potential for cost efficiency is significant.” SherWeb’s Performance Cloud Servers also give organizations an appealing alternative to complex and expensive infrastructure capacity planning exercises, server sprawl and failure often associated with in-house or colocated servers. “The response has been incredibly positive since the initial release,” adds Cassar. “Customers now have the performance and reliability they need, combined with a great pre- and post-sales experience. All at a price that compares well to the market and their internal costs.” In July, SherWeb was named Microsoft’s 2014 Global Hosting Partner of the Year Finalist on the basis of its cloud server platform. “SherWeb demonstrates the versatility of Microsoft CloudOS and is a strong example of the innovative ways in which partners can build upon that platform and vision,” says Janet Kennedy, President, Microsoft Canada. “The SherWeb-lead solution illustrates the exciting places cloud computing will take us in the future.” SherWeb’s Performance Cloud Servers are now available for customers and partners. Sign up for a free,no-obligation account in just two minutes. Channel partners can call 1-855-378-7932 for more information.