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Mike Hopkins can breathe a sigh of relief. His technical staff is no longer spending countless hours just maintaining Exchange servers for their clients. Since this Managed Service Provider (MSP) joined SherWeb’s partner program five years ago, his support staff has gained about 40 hours of productivity every month. And, the company is making more money to boot.

Mr. Hopkins is the President of DEVsource Technolgy Solutions, an MSP based in Murray, KY. The company provides remote and on-site support to about 75 clients in Western Kentucky and Tennessee. DEVsource, a former Microsoft Advisor, had been managing on-premises Exchange servers for several years when Mr. Hopkins realized they just weren’t making any money.

Profits Increased by 25%

Mr. Hopkins said by moving his clients to Hosted Exchange with SherWeb, he has eliminated those maintenance costs. Profits in his Cloud Services division have also increased by 25%.

DEVsource recently moved about 32 organizations to Office 365 with SherWeb. Mr. Hopkins said he was aware of Office 365 several years ago but was hesitant to offer it because he felt the product just wasn’t mature enough.

Seamless Migration

Once Mr. Hopkins decided to make the move, he was pleased with the seamless migration offered by SherWeb.

Getting prompt technical support from SherWeb was also a plus after the challenges of dealing with Microsoft.

Bundling Services with Office 365

After several years of dealing with the billing restrictions under Microsoft’s Advisor program, Mr. Hopkins said SherWeb’s monthly billing model just made more sense.

Mr. Hopkins said bundling services this way is particularly important when he’s selling Office 365. He said he used to include Office 365 as a line item in his sales proposals, but found that some clients backed away because they thought Office 365 was just too expensive.

New Opportunity with Azure

So, what are the next steps for DEVsource? Mr. Hopkins said the company has no plans to slow down its offering for Office 365. He’s also setting his sights on what he sees as the next big opportunity: Microsoft Azure.

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