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Amy Rutt was tired of slogging her way through Microsoft’s complicated billing and licensing models. So when she found out that SherWeb could simplify the process, she made the switch.

It was a wise move. Since joining SherWeb’s Partners First program 2 years ago, Ciracom Cloud has improved its billing accuracy by an impressive 95%. Ciracom, a Virginia-based IT company, sells a number of Microsoft products, including Exchange and Office 365.

Rutt is the company’s founder and president. She said Ciracom had been selling Hosted Exchange for about 11 years when she got a call from one of SherWeb’s Account Managers. She said the information he provided seemed like a good solution to the billing problems she was having with Exchange.

Recouping Costs is Difficult

Since Microsoft operates on an annual billing system, resellers must estimate the number of product licenses they’ll need over the next 12 months and pay Microsoft the required amount. The challenge for resellers is to recoup the money they’ve invested in Microsoft licenses from their clients. Rutt said because SherWeb bills its clients in real time, she no longer has this problem. Nor does she have to spend countless hours explaining to her clients how the system works.

Traditional Distributors Just as Tough

Rutt said she had similar problems trying to get license quotes from a number of traditional distributors she dealt with because they also had to go through Microsoft channels.

Couldn’t Hit Microsoft’s Radar

Trying to get migration support from Microsoft was also difficult. Rutt said because many of Ciracom’s clients had less than 500 employees, the company wasn’t buying enough product licenses to attract Microsoft’s attention.

Rutt said everyone at SherWeb has worked very hard to make the partnership a success. The result? Ciracom’s staff has more time to help its clients.

Want to learn more about selling Office 365 with SherWeb? Watch this video to find out how you can go to market in less than 10 minutes!

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