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Dynamics AX is an ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning tool. Like other ERPs, it will support enterprises in their daily tasks to better manage their resources, inventory, teams, and the core processes of their business. By centralizing everything under the same roof, an ERP makes it easy for every part of a team to accomplish tasks, ensure efficiency, and increase productivity.

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Where Dynamics AX shines is internationally. Dynamics AX is made for the enterprise that has a presence around the globe. With its multi-currency and multi-company solutions, it gives big enterprises the power to run at the fastest pace by removing barriers. Dynamics AX automates, communicates, exchanges, and stores data under the same roof to ease management, even on the largest scale.


Who is Dynamics AX for?

Dynamics ERP is suitable for medium and large enterprises. Medium sized enterprises benefit from the pre-defined localization for the country they operate in. These localizations can be implemented by buying license codes from Microsoft. As a result, the cost is greatly reduced as the enterprises pays only for what it needs.

Larger enterprises which has a diversified business can benefit by leveraging various modules under a single ERP solution.

Dynamics AX has been specially created to be a support system and not a barrier for big companies that operate around the globe and in certain industries. Since they have specific management, legal, currency, and data needs, big companies require a tool that has the infrastructure to support it.

 Core modules in D365 – Dynamics AX

  • Financial Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Project Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources
  • Field Service Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Service Management
  • Sales and Marketing


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations

So what is Dynamics AX specifically? As an ERP, Dynamics AX covers all the basics of increasing productivity and efficiency within your company. However, it distinguishes itself by adding very specific features to suit big international enterprises better.

Applications better suited for international enterprises, how?

Dynamics AX includes industry modules for the public sector, distribution, retail, manufacturing, and even professional service industries. Ready to use, these modules come out-of-the-box with Dynamics AX for easy implementation.

While everything integrates from accounting to budgeting for better control, Dynamics AX provides international compliance with all the complicated laws, specifics, regulations, and policies.

Dynamics AX works for international companies because it has a tailor-made warehouse and supply chain for enterprises that have a global presence. The centralized planning, analytic insight, support with handheld devices, packing and shipping processes, and a supply chain administration make everything simple.

On top of everything, you can get solutions made specifically for industries

As you know, a good ERP will suit your needs, process, and any particulars related to your industry. And what is Dynamics AX again? An ERP providing targeted services to specific industries.

Any solution can take time and money to customize it to your unique needs, but there is ERP software on the market that has already taken the time to provide industry-related features and solutions. Among these, you can find Dynamics AX with a wide range of solutions all targeting a different industry.

Solution for Professional Services

Dynamics AX knows how juggling the client relationship and the evolution of projects can be a lot to manage for a business offering professional services. That is why you will find the most productive project management tools and methods to manage time, your team, and your installations. Plus, you can gather all needed information, and connect clients and employees within the same interface.

Solution for Retailers

Stores and retailers require many processes to run effectively, so an ERP is essential. Dynamics AX integrates all store operations into a single solution to optimize distribution, supplies, transactions, and even the promotions.

It offers Point of sale(POS) for brick and motor stores. The POS systems can be installed on a tablet (Modern point of sale) or as a cloud hosted POS. Online store and call centre businesses can be integrated with AX too. This eases the implementation by offering a single solution.

Solution for Field Services

If you dispatch equipment and teams on a daily basis, you will need a field services solution in your Dynamics AX. With this ERP, you can coordinate and manage all operations from optimizing schedules to the work order lifecycle or resource management. Don’t forget about managing assets, warranties, team, contracts, and client relationships.

These are simple examples of all the solutions offered that are specialized for industries and tailor-made to suit their needs. Whether your business is from the process industry, apparel and textile, industrial equipment manufacturing or is a consumer-driven planning company, there is a solution with Dynamics AX that will help manage, support, handle, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

What is happening with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX?

As you may know, Microsoft is working to unify many of their products under the Dynamics 365 umbrella. In the last few years, we saw Dynamics NAV added to Dynamics 365, and this is what happened to Dynamics AX.

If you are looking for it, it can now be found under Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. Based entirely on the robustness of the Dynamics AX ERP, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition offers the same optimization for big and multinational companies with its wide range of tailor-made applications from accounting with multiple devices to international supply chain.

As with any other Microsoft Dynamics products, you can either purchase Dynamics AX from Microsoft directly or from a certified Microsoft reseller.

In this ever-changing digital era, it is imperative for the businesses to have a digital presence. D365 can integrated with various third-party applications. Data can be secured shared with mobile applications. Microsoft power apps can be leveraged to build multiple apps quickly. By integrating Microsoft Power BI with D365, we can create interactive reports which can be used for presentations, analytics and compelling visual representation of data.

As you can see, Dynamics AX, and now Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition, have been created to help and support big international enterprise. Tailor-made for the struggles of a multi-company and multi-currency enterprise, it offers benefits and features that are on point with big companies’ problems. Curious about Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition? Read the complete overview.

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