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How effectively are your clients using Office 365? And what’s their plan to take advantage of the new features slated to be released for the semi-annual update? A recent study by Gartner found that companies are generally aware that they are not getting the full value out of Office 365. And even worse, they don’t know what its applications can actually do for them beyond email and document management. As an MSP, you could be affected by this problem when it comes to closing deals, retention, and keeping your clients happy. Fortunately, there’s a solution: offering Office 365 managed training.

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With an Office 365 e-learning platform, such as QuickHelp, you can offer affordable managed training to help them increase productivity and long-term value with the tools they use every day. Read on to learn how you can turn a pervasive problem into a great revenue opportunity.

“Many enterprises simply aren’t set up to tap the value of Office 365’s other components.” Source: Computerworld, January 2018

The biggest problem with Office 365 adoption

You’ve probably seen some of your clients struggle to keep up with Microsoft’s continuous updates to its apps and features. While Office 365 offers lots of outstanding tools, many businesses can be overwhelmed by their complexity and often don’t know how to drive Office 365 adoption across their entire organization. So, they continue to work the way they always have—inefficiently. In fact, most users are only using 20% of Office 365’s functionalities.

Unfortunately, this is putting businesses more and more behind the eight ball.

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How can you increase your clients’ Office 365 ROI?

Take the pain out of learning

As an MSP, your role is to drive efficiencies, save time, and reduce cost for your client’s organization using the right technology. What better way to bring added value to your Office 365 clients than with an innovative e-learning solution like QuickHelp to deal with all these issues? You’ll be offering them an effective and scalable tool to help them work smarter and more productively.

Plus, you’ll save them from sitting through hours of grueling and costly traditional training or ineffectual YouTube videos. With an Office 365 e-learning platform, you’ll take the frustration out of your clients’ day-to-day tasks, alleviate their workloads, and help them reach their organizational goals.

But how?

“The real value comes when you start changing your work processes to take advantage [of Office 365] to its full extent.” Source: Craig Roth, Vice President of Research, Gartner

The right e-learning tool will make it easy to learn how to use Office 365 apps effectively through a personalized learning journey that suits any type of learner, including beginners and tech-unsavvy users. From engagement tools like gamification to on-demand libraries of resources, and even live training events for apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, and more, you have plenty of ways to make Office 365 easier to learn and more productive for your clients.

Benefits of offering Office 365 managed training

Many SMBs don’t have the time or budget to manage their organization’s learning and development needs. As an MSP, you need to equip them with the go-to solution for the best Office 365 training.

Once organizations start learning how to work more powerfully with the Microsoft tools they need, they’ll see a return on their investment and more motivated employees. You’ll also contribute to a successful culture of self-learning by providing a one-stop shop for all their questions and gamified e-learning needs.

Take a look at the ways QuickHelp’s Office 365 e-learning can help businesses thrive with the tools they use every day.


• One skill path can save each employee an average of 18 minutes per week.
• Live events can save users an average of one hour per week.
• Templates and other content provided by QuickHelp and Sherweb help save considerable time.


• Gamification for long-term user engagement.
• Topics focused on specific applications and soft skills catered to users.
• On-the-spot PDF guides and videos.
• Grade assessments for individual users.
• Exportable user assessments and progress.

Cross-sell with Office 365 and earn more money

Adding an Office 365 managed training to your portfolio can offer a number of positive returns.

1. Increase recurring revenue

You can’t ignore the potential recurring revenue from selling gamified e-learning for Office 365. Organizations are increasingly investing in employee learning and development to fill skill gaps, reach their full potential, and keep pace with ever-changing business environments.

Did you know? IBM found that 84% of employees at the best performing companies are receiving the training they need, versus only 16% at the worst performing companies.

2. Position yourself as a value-added partner

Whether you’re working with dental offices, hospitals, real-estate companies, or accounting firms, you can brand yourself as a specialist in providing best practices and solutions in Office 365 learning and development. If you have clients that need to stay compliant with security regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, then an e-learning platform like QuickHelp is the best tool for them.

Either way, it’s a practical solution to help businesses of all sizes maximize the full potential of their staff.

3. Separate yourself from the pack

Constant updates to Microsoft apps can drive any business owner up the wall. To make matters worse, these updates are arriving more frequently instead of every few years.

It’s more important than ever that users be up to speed with current and new changes. To ensure their successful adoption of Office 365, these organizations need the right platform to support different learning styles, habits, and skill levels. You need to make sure you offer your clients the Office 365 e-learning tool that grows with them.

Connect with the right partner to help you

Your clients already have the powerful Office 365 apps they need. All you have to do is guide them with Office 365 managed training with the right e-learning tool that shows them how to use these apps to their fullest potential.

Sherweb makes Office 365 easy so you can focus on your business

And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone—there are companies like Sherweb that specialize in Office 365 e-learning and giving MSPs like you a leg up in selling Office 365 solutions. We provide everything you need for sales, marketing, and support to seal your success—get in touch via the chat to see how we can help.

Written by Gina Ionta Content Marketing Writer @ Sherweb

Gina crafts marketing content designed to engage and educate readers about SherWeb’s diverse product offerings. She has 10 years of experience writing creative copy—including content creation for B2B marketing—and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Concordia University. When she’s not in the office wordsmithing, Gina enjoys exploring her home city of Montreal, travelling abroad and indulging in local cuisine.