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By now, you might have heard that Microsoft has rolled out a new requirement as part of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. As a reseller under the CSP, you’re probably wondering what to expect from the latest change to the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA).

How will it affect the way you do business? What are the steps you need to take to meet this new requirement? Don’t worry – we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know in our next webinar on October 24, 2018 at 11 AM EDT.

Live Webinar: Get the lowdown on the Microsoft Cloud Agreement & how it will affect you.

Here are a couple of topics that we’ll cover in this webinar:

1. The Microsoft Cloud Agreement – Customer Acceptance Confirmation

As of November 7, 2018, you will need to provide confirmation that your customer has accepted the MCA before you can order Microsoft’s products and services.

Find out how this will affect resellers like you and your provisioning process. You’ll also learn how you can adapt your business model to meet this new requirement.

2. How Sherweb is Simplifying the Process with a New Functionality

We’ve added a new feature in our partner portal that will make it easier to confirm your customers’ approval of the MCA. Find out the simple step that will help you meet this new requirement directly in the portal.

Get Ready for Our Q&A Session

Jason Brown, Sherweb’s Vice President of Products and Maxime Provencher, Sherweb’s Program Lead of Partner Success, will answer all of your burning questions about the latest change in the MCA.

Don’t miss out, register for the webinar now!

Written by Gina Ionta Content Marketing Writer @ Sherweb

Gina crafts marketing content designed to engage and educate readers about SherWeb’s diverse product offerings. She has 10 years of experience writing creative copy—including content creation for B2B marketing—and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Concordia University. When she’s not in the office wordsmithing, Gina enjoys exploring her home city of Montreal, travelling abroad and indulging in local cuisine.