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You probably have all the technical savvy you need to run a successful cloud business. After all, technology is your thing. But how effective are you when it comes to selling and marketing your offers? Do you have trouble developing digital marketing campaigns and pitching them to your customers? You’re not alone. Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) just like you are struggling with this part of their cloud business. We’ve scoured the internet and found 10 MSP marketing tools that will help you develop a stronger sales campaign and ultimately increase sales. Take a look.

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Best Free MSP Marketing Tools

1. Entrepreneur

You’re in business to sell cloud solutions, not do paperwork. This website contains a complete gallery of business form templates that you can download and adapt for your specific needs. Use these templates to develop your business plan, marketing plan, even customer surveys! There are more than 50 templates available, including a special section for Tech Start-up companies. A great MSP marketing tool. ↗

2. Balsamiq Mockups for Wireframing

You probably have a lot of good ideas, but designing a website or brochure to display them is quite another story. This wireframing app is designed to take all the work out of creating a good mockup. The site has plenty of tutorials for working with text, icons, images and site maps. Free trial available. ↗

3. Bitly

If you’ve done any work on the internet, you know about bitly. This is a handy tool to shorten any link to a website or document that you’d like to share with your colleagues. You can also create a free account with Bitly to track your links’ performance and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Bitly will also optimize your links for mobile devices. Bitly is free. ↗

4. Google Trends

Want to know the best keywords to use to attract more traffic to your website? Go to Google Trends. This site displays and analyzes which search items are the most popular for a given topic. And it shows the most popular stories trending on Google for the past 24 hours. The searches cover several categories in 30 countries around the world.  It’s an impressive MSP marketing tool that will help you be more successful with your digital campaigns. ↗

5. Google Webmaster Tools

This site will give you all the data, tools and diagnostics you need to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps. You can manage how your website is indexed by Google so you can improve your company’s visibility in search engine results pages. The site has a Search Console that will analyze clicks from Google Search, get alerts for errors and critical issues and test whether Google can really understand your content. This MSP marketing tool is essential to improve your web presence. ↗

6. Social Media Optimizer

If you want to promote your cloud business, you have to be sure your web pages can be easily shared on social media. This site will analyze your page’s HTML code to see if it is optimized for sharing. Just enter a website or blog post URL and the site will check it for optimization on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr. ↗

7. Rapportive

How many times has this happened? You get an email message from one of your contacts, but you have a hard time remembering all the details about that person. Rapportive will display the sender’s contact information, plus their Linkedin profile right inside your Gmail inbox. You’ll know right away who the person is, where they work and who your shared connections are. This will help you establish relationships and grow your professional network. The add-on is free for Chrome and Firefox. ↗

8. Ubersuggest

Looking for new keyword ideas for your next digital marketing campaign? Ubersuggest has keywords that you won’t find in the Google Keyword Planner. This is a good MSP marketing tool that will help you rank higher for your SEO and PPC campaigns. ↗

9. URL Builder – Google Analytics

This MSP marketing tool allows you to add specific parameters to your URLs so you can identify which campaigns are sending traffic to your campaigns or website. For example, if you want to identify traffic that comes from a newsletter, you can set the parameter utm_source as newsletter.  If you combine it with the parameter utm­­_campaign set for June, you can easily identify how many users come to your website from a link that was included in a newsletter that appeared in June. ↗

10. URL Decoder/Encoder

If you’re building your own website or custom application for a client, you might be interested in using this URL tool. All you have to do is enter a string of text and the tool will either encode or decode it. This tool is particularly useful for turning encoded JavaScript URLs into something you can actually read. ↗

Are you ready to beef up your sales and marketing campaigns? Here are a few statistics to get you started. According to a recent research ↗ released at CompTIA’s 5th Annual State of the Channel report, 44 percent of cloud partners surveyed said they were increasing their marketing budgets.

And there are more MSP marketing tools out there. Take a look at the 144 browser bookmarks ↗ that we’ve compiled for MSPs just like you.


Ready for a shortcut to MSP Success? Download our 144 Browser Bookmarks! ↗

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb