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What do most resellers look for in a partner program? The opportunity to grow their cloud businesses with a wide variety of products and services that create more value for their customers.

Sherweb’s partner program scored top marks recently when it won the prize for the Best MSP Partner Program. The award was announced at the MSP Innovation Awards 2020 held by Channel Partner Insights. Sherweb also won the organization’s MSP Ally of the Year award in 2019.

This year’s awards, which were handed out in a virtual ceremony, honored vendors, distributors and MSPs who are leading the way in managed services during this period of economic turmoil.


Learn more about our revamped partnership program here.


Channel Partner Insights received nominations from vendors and MSPs from across North America. The finalists were chosen in 16 categories, including MSP Support, Best Security Offering, MSP of the Year and Best Sales Team of the Year.

Judges lauded Sherweb for introducing a series of initiatives that contributed to each partners’ growth, such as new products and services, continuing education and strategic partnerships.


Keep it simple

So, what’s the secret to running a successful MSP? Keep it simple. Instead of dealing with multiple providers, work with one that can help you with every aspect of your business. You’ll save time and money and you’ll form a crucial partnership that will prove invaluable to your business.

Mathieu Leblanc, Sherweb’s Director of Partner Success, said this partner-first approach has helped thousands of Sherweb partners be more productive and competitive in the cloud.

 ‘’Our goal is to help all our channel partners – regardless of their size, scope or scale – to reach their full potential by creating the best value for their end clients. And we do this by providing a partnership program that can be customized for their specific needs.‘’

This means Sherweb’s partners can get the tools they need to make the transition from a break-fix operation to MSP. We’ll help them navigate Microsoft’s complex ecosystem or advise them about how to build a strategic marketing roadmap. Our partner program also gives partners the option to sell their cloud offerings under their own brand or with Sherweb. Need some extra help with sales, billing or technical support? Our cloud experts are standing by.


Going to the next level

Oscar Rodriguez, CTO of WorldEdge Technology, said this was exactly the kind of help he needed to bring his business to the next level.

‘’All of a sudden you get a team. You get a sales team, you get a technical team, you get a help desk, you get protection. The importance of the products that we receive from Sherweb, you can’t really give a value to it. Without Sherweb, we wouldn’t be in business.’’


Find out more about how WorldEdge Technology benefited from Sherweb’s partner program here.


Expert help is only part of it. We’ve also introduced a number of new products and services to help our partners create more value for their clients. Here are a few recent examples:

  • G Suite: Productivity and collaboration tools from Google
  • UCaaS: Unified Communications-as-a-Service, a seamless integration between Microsoft 365 and Sherweb’s Cloud PBX
  • QuickHelp: An online training solution for partners to increase knowledge, adoption and engagement with Microsoft 365
  • Not-for-resale: A program that allows partners to get discounts on the productivity solutions they resell so they can try them out first
  • New product bundles: A Microsoft 365 bundle complete with online backup and cyber security solutions

Our partners also benefited from a strategic partnership we formed with Nerdio for Microsoft Azure. This automated platform makes it easier and more affordable for businesses of any size to provision, manage, deploy and optimize their IT environments.


Collecting feedback

Learning how to resell all these new products can be a challenge. That’s why we run webinars throughout the year to help our partners stay up to date with all the latest solutions. And we keep the lines of communication open. Sherweb’s Partner Advisory Council meets a few times a year to collect feedback, insights and recommendations from members about our partner program.

We also count on UserVoice, a product feedback software, to interact with partners and gather their opinions on our services. Partners can make suggestions for new product features or vote on other features they’d like to see improved. We feel this service helps our partners to deliver a better experience for their clients.


Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Sherweb partner? Take a look at our partner guide.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb