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Cybersecurity solutions and managed security services are booming—and with good reason! More and more businesses of all sizes are waking up to the (perhaps startling) reality that vulnerabilities exist everywhere, and pretty much anyone is fair game when it comes to a potential breach.

IT and managed service providers (MSPs) are responding to customer demand as quickly as possible, but the market is far from saturated. The global managed security services market was worth more than $30 billion in 2020, and cloud-based delivery models for cybersecurity are growing in popularity for a variety of markets. Furthermore, more than a third of IT professionals have said they’re increasingly focused on cybersecurity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 35% have reported a greater focus on business continuity.

All this is to say that if your MSP business doesn’t have a security offering, you’re not only falling behind the competition and leaving money on the table, you’re also leaving your clients open to attack! Adding just any cybersecurity solution to your stack to fill the void is hardly advisable, and yet you need to start somewhere.

Sherweb’s Office Protect Core software is the place to begin. Even better, our latest offering—Office Protect Alliance—equips MSPs with proactive threat detection and response powered by Sherweb’s in-house cybersecurity experts.

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Office Protect Alliance always has eyes on your business

Office Protect Core was designed to increase and simplify cybersecurity for Microsoft 365. As one of the most popular business productivity suites, making sure your (or your clients’) Microsoft 365 environment is secure is an excellent launchpad for delivering reliable security services. With automated monitoring, alerts and reporting, Office Protect Core protects your Microsoft 365 tenants from a host of vulnerabilities such as business email compromise, data exfiltration, unusual changes to security policies and much, much more.

Office Protect Alliance takes things to the next level. MSPs need informed support in order to make the delivery of security services worthwhile for their business. A survey of existing Sherweb partners revealed roughly half of respondents don’t offer additional security products and services due to time constraints. Lack of time and capacity for 24/7 monitoring were also cited as the biggest challenges in managing security for clients.

Complete with everything included in the Office Protect Core offer, the Alliance plan engages expert analysis and support from Sherweb for round-the-clock protection. Our security team takes over monitoring and incident response for your Microsoft 365 tenants, and alerts you if further action is required. You still own the relationship and any intervention with your clients—we just help you out behind the scenes. Additional benefits for your business include:

  • In-depth consultation: Before we start monitoring your cyber safety, we’ll consult with you about configuring Microsoft 365 security settings according to best practices
  • Constant vigilance: Your Microsoft 365 tenants are monitored 24/7, with all alerts reviewed within 60 minutes
  • Time back in your day: Every security alert is investigated and classified as a false positive, benign or requiring further action on your behalf
  • Always in the know: Any alerts needing further attention are sent right to you, so you’re apprised of any security situations as soon as they happen without being bothered by false positives


How Office Protect Alliance works

Here’s a breakdown of how Office Protect Alliance keeps a watchful eye on clients’ Microsoft 365 security:

  1. Initial security assessment: We analyze your current security posture and determine your unique requirements
  2. Added security measures: Based on our assessment, your Microsoft 365 environment will be configured accordingly
  3. Microsoft 365 audit logs: We analyze logs for existing vulnerabilities or threats
  4. 24/7 monitoring: Our experts take over surveillance of security events and alerts within your Microsoft 365 tenant that might signify potential issues
  5. Analysis: Sherweb security analysts investigate every potential security event
  6. Response and reporting: We identify a course of action for incidents requiring immediate response and generate monthly summary reports
  7. Notification of the issue: We contact you about any security events determined as high priority with our proposed course of remediation
  8. You own the intervention: You put steps in place to initiate a coordinated response to the incident using the information we’ve provided
  9. Client contact: You handle any communication with your client about the incident and subsequent response, while Sherweb remains in the background

How Office Protect Alliance works

Don’t sleep on making Microsoft 365 safer

Microsoft 365 has a wide array of security settings for its various applications that keep it safe from malicious actors. The issue, however, is that many of these settings can be difficult to locate and configure—even for power users. By bringing all these important settings together in one interface, Office Protect Core simplifies Microsoft 365 security and makes it easier for businesses to protect themselves from potential breaches.

Office Protect Alliance, on the other hand, keeps your Microsoft 365 security running on autopilot. With Sherweb’s cybersecurity experts watching over your Microsoft 365 tenants, identifying actionable incidents and keeping benign ones from slowing you down, delivering security for clients is attainable for any provider. Furthermore, with managed security services only becoming more prevalent in the IT channel, Office Protect Alliance can ensure MSPs profit, regardless of their size or experience, while simultaneously reclaiming valuable time for their business.

Become a Sherweb partner to add Office Protect Alliance to your service offering, or contact us today to learn more about how Office Protect can benefit your business.

Written by Guillaume Boisvert Director, Product Innovation @ Sherweb

Guillaume identifies and evaluates new solutions and product features that help Sherweb and its partners grow and compete. Responsible for the growth and development of Office Protect, Sherweb’s security add-on for Microsoft 365, Guillaume leads the team responsible for building and commercializing the company's in-house security offering. He has almost two decades of experience developing software-as-a-service (SaaS), both as a technical lead and as a product manager.