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Dean Mathews hasn’t always been a big fan of cloud servers. In fact, the first time the Detroit-area business owner tried using virtual machines for his company he was far from impressed.

Fast forward 4 years and the story has changed. OnTheClock, which sells an online time clock application to businesses across North America, now has 6 virtual machines running on SherWeb’s Performance Cloud. Mathews, the company’s founder, said using SherWeb’s cloud servers has given OnTheClock a level of performance and reliability it hadn’t experienced before.

App More Accurate

Customers use OnTheClock’s app to punch in and out from their personal devices. Mathews said the app is convenient, easy to use and more accurate than the traditional methods of calculating time cards.

The company, which has been in business since 2004, currently has more than 7,000 clients in the insurance, health care, education and dental industries. Customers pay a monthly fee for the service, which includes unlimited technical support and a free phone app. Mathews said most of their customers are small businesses.

OnTheClock had been working with OrcsWeb, a North Carolina hosting provider, when the provider was acquired by SherWeb. Mathews said the company had to decide whether it wanted to stay with SherWeb or look for a new provider. He said it was important that OnTheClock be able to stay up and running if a natural disaster occurred.

Other Providers Unreliable

Mathews said OnTheClock had worked with other cloud providers for smaller projects, but wasn’t satisfied with the service they received.

Technical support is another issue. Mathews said he’s not a hosting expert and it’s comforting to know that SherWeb’s support department can help him any time he has a server problem. He cited a specific example.

Prevents Buddy Punching

While an online time clock application seems very convenient, some people might wonder if it’s just an easier way for employees to cheat by asking a friend to punch in for them, a practice called buddy punching. Mathews said cheating is actually harder with his company’s app because all the times are controlled by the server and employees can only clock in and out from their own devices. He said even if someone tries to punch in before they leave the house, the app can be configured to work only when the employee is within a 50-metre radius from the office. In other cases, employees might have to connect to the office Wi-Fi to log in.

So, what does the future hold for OnTheClock? Mathews said the company wants to continue improving its time clock application to make it easier and faster for its customers. He said while some business owners might be skeptical about adopting cloud servers, it’s just a matter of finding the right provider.

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