We know you have better things to do than plough through a complicated partner program. That’s why we made ours easy. Take a look at our 3 business models: White-label, Co-branded and Advisor. You can mix & match each model to suit your customers’ needs. Here’s how it works:


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Who are you?



IT Consultant

Who owns the
customer relationship?

You own it.From billing to pricing to technical support.

You and SherWeb own it.You sell your services under SherWeb’s label. You bill the customer.

SherWeb owns it.Refer your customers to us and sell under our brand. We take care of everything, from billing to support.

How do you
get paid?

You set your own margins.We bill you according to our pricing structure and you bill your customer at a price you choose.

You bill your customers.We bill you according to our pricing structure and you bill your customer at a price you choose.

You earn a 150% one-time commission from SherWeb plus 7% every month for the life of the client’s contract.

Who supports
your customer?

You provide technical support. We support you 24/7.

Our support department is open 24/7 to serve your customers.

Our support department is open 24/7 to serve your customers.

What does it
cost you?

It’s free. No contracts to sign. No sales quotas to meet.

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How Much Money Can You Make?We Offer Industry-Leading Margins and Discounts

Up to 45% initial margins + Recurring monthly revenues + Additional volume discounts

The four thresholds shown below are based on sales performance. They apply to white-label and co-branded partners only.


Additional volume discounts 5%

Monthly recurring revenue$0-$599


Additional volume discounts 10%

Monthly recurring revenue$600-$2,599


Additional volume discounts 15%

Monthly recurring revenue$2,600-$5,999


Additional volume discounts 20%

Monthly recurring revenue $6,000+

Sign up today. It’s free. No contracts.

No sales quotas to meet.

5 Sessions

Interactive Sessions


Equipping Cloud Resellers for Success

  • Peter Jensen

    Peter Jensen

  • Julian Lee

    Julian Lee

  • Jim Hamilton

    Jim Hamilton

  • Marc Gordon

    Marc Gordon

  • Marie Wiese

    Marie Wiese

February 6-8-13-20-27
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