Multi-tenant RDS for Your SMB ClientsOffer Remote Desktop Sessions for as Low as $25 Per User

With a multi-tenant platform in SherWeb Performance Cloud, you can offer affordable Remote Desktop Services to any of your small business clients. Provide enterprise-grade security, isolation, performance and reliability, all at an SMB price tag.

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What is a Multi-tenant RDS?

Instead of deploying 4 virtual machines per organization, you can use a single set of 4 VMs for multiple clients. This is a very cost-efficient way to add Remote Desktop and RemoteApp to your offering. Your clients will never know they are on a multi-tenant environment.

How Does it Work?

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1. Initial Setup

Talk to one of our cloud specialists. We’ll assess your needs and build a custom environment for your multi-tenant RDS platform.

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2. Create Your Clients

Create a new OU in Active Directory for each client and assign a predefined set of GPOs. Dedicated OUs per client help you achieve tenant isolation.

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3. Activate Users

Create users for your clients. They’ll all access the same pool of available shared resources.

Tenant Isolation

Tenant isolation is the key to this multitenant deployment. SherWeb will provide you with a list of GPOs, permissions and restrictions to ensure all clients are completely isolated.

Multi-tenant deployment schema

Scalability & Reliability

You control the entire multi-tenant RDS infrastructure. What does this mean? You’re in control of the performance. You can add or remove VMs to better suit your clients’ needs. SherWeb also provides you with high availability configurations so you can create a very robust RDS solution.

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Grow your deployment as needed. You’ll be able to add hosts, gateways and storage any time you like.

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SherWeb provides high performing VMs to support your RDS setup. You can decide to oversell your multi-tenant infrastructure depending on your business model.

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High Availability

You have to be sure your deployment is always up and running. We’ll help you create an HA environment.


  • Detailed diagrams
  • Active Directory configuration
  • Detailed sizing instructions
  • Complete step-by-step instructions
  • How to scale up the environment
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