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Bounce back in minutesVeeam Cloud Connect Replication

When disaster strikes, you can switch from your original server to its VM replica and quickly restore your services. You’ll be back online in no time, and your users can access services and apps with minimal disruption.


Veeam Cloud Connect

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Bounce back in less than a dayVeeam Cloud Connect Backup

Get the most out of your backups by using them for disaster recovery. You can restore your machines to
an on-premise server or in the cloud to bring them back online.


Veeam Cloud Connect

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Hot, warm or cold site, which one to choose?

Choosing the right IT Disaster Recovery solution depends on a number of factors. Are your servers physical or virtual? What are your RTO* and RPO* needs? What is your business continuity budget? If you can’t answer any of these questions, we strongly encourage you to read our Disaster Recovery Planning Guide.

Name and Type of solution What it means Server type Time to recover (RTO) Risk of data loss (RPO) Cost
Cold site solution #1: Online data backup Selected files on your servers are backed up to a storage in a different building. You can restore files from whatever location with an Internet connection. Physical High Medium $
Cold site solution #2: VM Backup in the cloud Your entire virtual machine (VM) is backed up as a single file to a storage in a different building. You’ll be able to restore your VM on any server running the same hypervisor (Hyper-V or VMware). After it is restored, your server (VM) will start running exactly as it was at the time you backed it up. Virtual Medium Medium $$
Warm site solution: VM Replication Your entire virtual machine (VM) is replicated to a hypervisor outside your infrastructure. Your replicated VM is ready to be powered up in your cloud service provider infrastructure. Virtual Low Low-Medium $$$
Hot site solution: Mirroring Your application is configured with automatic replication on two servers (on-premises and in the cloud) which are always up and running. The replication process is managed by the application directly. It is important to understand that not all applications have that replication technology. The configuration and the way it works vary from one application to another. Physical or Virtual Low Low $$$$
*RTO (Recovery Time Objective): Maximum time allowed for interruption – RPO (Recovery Point Objective): Maximum data loss allowed.


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