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Rija Raharinosy wanted to boost his sales in the cloud, but he wasn’t sure he could get the help he needed as a Direct CSP Provider with Microsoft. So, he turned to SherWeb for help.

Rija is the Vice-President of Sales and Alliances at Solulan, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with 5 offices in Ontario and Quebec. The company had been selling hardware servers for almost 20 years and found itself in a tough spot when Microsoft started pushing the cloud. Solulan had to act fast or risk losing some of its more than 200 clients.

The company found the help it needed with SherWeb’s partner program. Rija met SherWeb at a Microsoft event about two years ago and decided to take the leap with an Indirect CSP Provider. It was a smart move. Solulan has transferred about half of its client base to the cloud and plans to increase its cloud revenue to 80 percent by the end of the 2019 fiscal year. And Solulan, a Gold Microsoft Partner and Managed Partner, has been able to maintain its relationship with Microsoft.

The results speak for themselves. Solulan now has thousands of seats for Office 365, more than a dozen clients for Azure and several thousand dollars in monthly consumption for Azure. The company’s profits have also been increasing by about 40 percent year over year thanks to its recurring cloud customers.

Learning How to Sell the Cloud

But boarding that train wasn’t easy. First of all, Solulan had to learn how to sell the cloud. Rija said he appreciated SherWeb’s efforts to educate its partners and pointed to the wealth of resources at his disposal, such as the high-touch approach from his dedicated Account Manager, SherWeb product webinars and local events which enabled him to meet other partners face-to-face. He said Accelerate, one of the first SherWeb conferences he attended, taught him a lot about reselling his current product offering: Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Solulan has also partnered with Mandarine Academy to provide an Office 365 training portal to its clients and partners.

A Good Selling Machine

Rija said SherWeb’s Product Experts played a key role in helping his company feel at home in this new market. His dedicated Account Manager walked his team through the entire process of selling the cloud and provided on-demand training about SherWeb’s products and services.

Rija has also taken advantage of SherWeb’s Market Development Fund (MDF), a pilot project that provides funding for partners to develop and execute customized marketing programs.

Penetrating a Niche Market

Rija said he’s been able to use MDF funds to create an infrastructure management program for a local car dealership. The program includes telephony solutions, Office 365 and deploying workloads in the cloud for Azure.

Rija said Microsoft Canada often asks Solulan for help with complex projects that require integration with Dynamics 365. SherWeb is helping Solulan develop the necessary expertise.

Branded Portal Saves Time

Solulan bills about 1000 clients every month, a process some people would describe as an administrative nightmare. Rija said having access to SherWeb’s user-friendly portal made all the difference for both him and his customers.

So, what kind of advice would Rija give to resellers who are still on the fence about moving their clients to the cloud?

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