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Zero downtime and great technical support. Those are two reasons Steve French has been a SherWeb partner for the last 10 years. It also explains why he didn’t move directly to Microsoft when he had the chance.

French is the president and founder of infomatix, a Newfoundland-based business consulting firm that serves SMB clients across North America. Aside from its unique brand of consulting, infomatix also sells Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint to about 40 clients in the healthcare, legal and manufacturing sectors.

French, who’s been using Microsoft email products for more than 20 years, said he first came to SherWeb after a poor experience with another provider. He said the fact that SherWeb was providing its own Hosted Exchange services was a real plus.

Fantastic Onboarding

French said when Microsoft launched Office 365, infomatix had the opportunity to work more directly with them, but chose to stay with SherWeb. He cites SherWeb’s onboarding service and technical support as the main reasons behind his decision.

infomatix also liked the fact that SherWeb focuses on the SMB market.

Helps Clients Double Their Revenue

The MSP market is changing and French said Infomatix has carved out a niche for itself by offering a unique brand of business consulting to its clients. It’s called Double Your Business and it's allowed the three-member company to help several of its clients double their revenue in 3 years or less. In fact, one of French’s clients, a large manufacturing firm, has doubled its business 3 times in the last 10 years!

So, what’s the secret? According to French, it’s all about creating a plan that puts people and processes first instead of just focusing on the technology they need. French said too many MSPs put all their efforts into pure IT consulting, which doesn’t always go far enough.

Not Your Typical Technology Integrator

French, a former CIO for an $800 million publicly-traded company, said infomatix doesn’t operate like a typical technology integrator.

The plan seems to work. French has boosted his company’s revenue to the tune of about 25% a year since he started offering this service 13 years ago.

Core Infrastructure Comes First

The Double Your Business concept is part of a overall process French developed called The InviStructure Formula (taken from the words Invisible Infrastructure). It’s designed to teach companies to ensure they have a solid core infrastructure in place before they even start creating new solutions for the marketplace.

MSPs Should Develop New Skills

French is actively working to expand The InviStructure Formula unique process and is currently working on a new platform to do this. His goal is twofold: to open The InviStructure Formula to more clients using online tools and to license The InviStructure Formula for MSPs.

He said his biggest challenge right now is that he’s working with a small team, so he is looking to leverage new relationships to bring The InviStructure Formula message to more small businesses. He said many MSPs could offer good business advice to their clients, but they don’t necessarily have the skills they need.

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