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Convincing small business owners to buy security packages for Office 365 isn’t that easy. Just ask Stephen Shaw. The Indiana-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) said while his customers liked the idea of added protection, they weren’t always keen on the price tag.

Then Shaw discovered Office Protect, Sherweb’s own security management solution for Office 365.

While Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection can cost up to $5.00/ month (which doesn’t include licenses), Sherweb’s Office 365 customers can get good security protection with Office Protect for about $1 per seat per month.

Sherweb’s in-house solution offers threat protection, monitoring, alerts and reporting services, all from one portal.

A good choice

Office Protect has also been a good choice for Shaw, who runs a one-man MSP called White River Networks. He’s been a Sherweb partner for about a year and currently has about 24 clients, mostly in professional services.

When his very first client, a financial services company, was hit by a cyberattack, Office Protect came to the rescue. Shaw had gone to the client’s site for an Office 365 issue when he discovered phishing emails that appeared to be coming from Venezuela and Algeria.

Too expensive

Shaw said he had offered these clients an Office 365 security and protection package, but they said it was too expensive. They were hoping to create a viable solution on their own. When that backfired, Shaw presented Office Protect. The clients agreed to try it and their security issues were soon resolved.

Shaw said he believes Office Protect is such a valuable security solution that he makes it mandatory for all his Office 365 clients. He added that one of the great things about Office Protect is that it’s easy for a small business owner to understand.

Multiple cyberattacks common

Shaw said once a client has been hit by a cyberattack, chances are very high that it will happen again. He said one of the reasons for multiple attacks is that people heavily reuse their passwords. He said users are also dealing with a more sophisticated hacking process.

Because Shaw is running a one-man show, he’s decided to focus on cloud-based solutions. He said he can make more money that way than by working with on-premises solutions. He also likes the idea of building Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) as a Sherweb partner. Shaw currently offers his clients services for Office 365, Azure, Office Protect and Sherweb’s Online Backup and Cloud PBX solutions.

Office Protect

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