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Less than 12 minutes. That’s how long it took CrucialLogics to prevent a hacker from stealing data from one of its client’s email accounts.

Company Partner Nim Nadarajah said staff was alerted to the attack by Office Protect, Sherweb’s own security management solution for Office 365. He said his client, a Toronto-based diamond reseller, was being hacked by someone in Africa.

Office 365 customers can get this kind of protection for only $1 per seat per month.

CrucialLogics, which has been a Sherweb partner for three years, serves more than 100 clients across North America. The Toronto-based company, which is also a Gold Microsoft Partner, specializes in Advisory Consulting, Microsoft and Security Solutions.

Simple and affordable solution

Nadarajah said CrucialLogics could have created its own security offering for its small business clients, but it preferred the simplicity and cost of Sherweb’s in-house solution.

Office Protect offers threat protection, monitoring, alerts and reporting services, all from one single portal. It is designed for small businesses that don’t have compliance requirements.

Nadarajah said while Office Protect is a good fit for his company’s small business market, he wouldn’t consider offering it to his enterprise clients. He said larger clients are better served by CrucialLogics’s Azure Sentinel deployment as part of their Office 365 cloud security offering. This deployment includes Microsoft’s Security Information and Event Management solution (SIEM).

Consulting with a conscience

CrucialLogics feels so strongly about providing good security that it has its own trademark phrase, Consulting With A Conscience.™ The company believes in honesty, integrity, trust and transparency at all times. Nadarajah said they don’t make excuses. They own their designs, they believe in the solutions and as a consulting firm, they own up and admit when they are wrong.

The company is also proud to admit that it has never lost money by being honest with its clients.

Great collaboration

Nadarajah said the company had the option to become a Tier 1 provider with Microsoft, but decided that it just wasn’t necessary.

Would he suggest any ways to improve Office Protect?

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