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No one realizes the value of something until it’s no longer there. This can be especially true for data. When you don’t have cloud backup, you risk losing years of hard work every hour of the day. This has especially become a significant concern in the age of remote and hybrid work, where cyberattacks and other potential calamities are lurking around every corner. However, this also creates an opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer backup solutions.

A global study of chief information officers found that 82% of respondents believe their companies are at risk from cyberattacks aimed at their software supply chains. In this situation, cloud solutions have become increasingly important for business—including those in traditional industries—to maintain competitiveness and flexibility. Modern, cloud-based systems are increasingly essential for enabling knowledge workers to collaborate effectively from home.

Gartner estimates that by 2025, 85% of businesses will be cloud-first. Hosting services are enormously benefiting from this trend.

Sherweb’s Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam protects the data of Microsoft 365 users, including Microsoft Teams among other popular repositories. Read on to learn how becoming a partner to sell Veeam can help you reap the benefits of the backup opportunity.

What is Microsoft 365 backup powered By Veeam?

Even though Microsoft 365 includes several valuable security features, a complete data backup is not retained. With Sherweb’s solution, you never have to worry about losing access to or control of your data stored in Microsoft 365 apps, whether in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive for Business.

Features and benefits that make Veeam attractive for clients

Veeam is a trusted collaborator for service providers of all sizes, in part due to the company’s commitment to innovation and the flexibility. If you decide to sell Veeam, you’ll be able to take advantage of a product that over 400,000 users trust worldwide and provide your customers with the best storage, backup equipment and integrated infrastructures on the market.

1. Framework that values contribution

An organization’s ability to conduct complicated client installations, provide additional value-added services, respond to shifting business needs and find new revenue prospects depends on the certifications and expertise of its partners.

Partners who earn further certifications as a Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP), Veeam Sales Professional (VMSP), or Veeam Certified Architect (VMCA) are able to achieve this competency. Moreover, when comparing Gold and Platinum ProPartners, the average transaction size is 41% larger for those who receive training beyond the minimum required by the program.

Choosing to sell Veeam through Sherweb can help take you even further. Our in-house Veeam experts have resources available to help guide you through various Veeam certifications and help you grow your business.

2. Easy-to-use self-service portal

Veeam offers a separate portal for sellers. Basic self-service management and configuration are at the service provider’s disposal; they can add customers at their own pace and also brand the portal with their own logo.

Service providers can also easily view their current consumption, including the number of virtual machines housed in their respective environments and the percentage of their already consumed quota. This gives MSPs an overall picture of their area’s safety and preparedness to deal with possible disasters.

A reseller’s view of their protected virtual machines also includes granular information like the number of backups and restore points. Even if already paid, you’ll be able to outstanding invoices and other important billing information.

3. Encourages repeat business

Since there’s a rising demand for cloud data management solutions that are mobile, adaptable and available, it makes sense for MSPs to make the switch to subscription-based IT services. This also allows partners who sell Veeam to retain customers by ensuring they always have access to the high-quality service you’ve come to provide, protecting their sensitive information from cyberthreats.

4. Easy to scale

Veeam is dedicated to accelerating the growth of its partners’ businesses by simplifying the buying process, expanding their access to new markets, and creating more upsell and cross-sell possibilities. You and your clients can easily combine the Microsoft 365 suite with other Sherweb or Microsoft products. For instance, you could supplement your Microsoft 365 offer with Veeam backup as well as Proofpoint’s email encryption services.

5. Capitalize on rising demand

98% of businesses have moved to some form of cloud-hosted infrastructure to ensure the safety of their data. The need for cloud-native environments continues to rise, and MSPs who sell Veeam solutions can capitalize on this trend.

6. Backed by an expert partner

An additional benefit for MSPs looking to sell Veeam is doing so through Sherweb’s award-winning partner program. Offering Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam via Sherweb provides access to training and expertise to assist you in closing transactions more quickly, gaining a sustained competitive edge and driving license and service-related.

Ready to sell Veeam? Get started today

With cyberthreats on the rise in addition to increased rules, regulations and expectations surrounding data privacy and governance, MSPs are going beyond generic backup solutions to craft tailored plans that consider their clients’ unique requirements and cloud objectives.

Veeam is a trusted collaborator for service providers of all sizes because of the company’s commitment to innovation and the flexibility. With Sherweb’s Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam solution, MSPs can rest assured they’ll have the technology, resources and expertise available to deliver first-rate backup services that will both protect their clients’ data and become a dependable source of revenue.

Want to get started? Reach out to us to start a conversation, or sign up to become a partner to add Veeam solutions to your portfolio today. You can also explore our Partner Guide for more information about how Sherweb can help your cloud business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb