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Manage your IT infrastructure safely & securely

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It’s easier with Managed Cloud

Not worrying about your infrastructure means you can focus on other priorities like growing your business. Our Managed Cloud team of experts will look after your network and always keep you in the know about what’s happening with your infrastructure. We’ll do the heavy lifting for functions such as maintenance, systems monitoring, reporting and technical support. Take advantage of our expertise in managing SLAs, hardware, datacenters and working with application developers.

Save time

Leave time-consuming tech tasks to us, like managing your infrastructure and securing your servers, so you can get back to business.

Reduce your IT costs

Instead of outsourcing critical IT services like data migration, tech support or server maintenance, we’ll handle it for you.

Unparalleled NOC support

Our skilled architects and administrators respond to alerts and resolve issues 24/7 in English and French across North America.

Safe & reliable services

You can rest assured that your IT environments and data are kept safe on secure servers with no single point of failure.

Work with a local IT expert

Our network of 7,000+ Sherweb partners are located across North America. Sherweb partners are a great option if you want to outsource your IT needs to a local IT professional who can provide on-site support and services. Sherweb partners combine our amazing cloud products with their premium professional services for an unbeatable solution.

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