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If I had a nickel for every time an entrepreneur told me that their business’s success relies on hard work and great partnerships, I would be pretty wealthy today. It is common knowledge that business needs good connections, but relations don’t always bring in clients or long-term mutual support. Partnerships do.

When you are considering what kind of cloud or online backup white label reseller program you want to enroll in, you’re not shopping for a product. You’re looking for a partnership instead. You are looking for a way to grow, ease your operations, and increase your revenue. As an online backup reseller, you’re searching for a cloud provider that will support you and your clients with a solid white label partnership. As in any business relationship, there are as few as four points to consider before making a decision on your white label backup reseller program: benefits, efficiency, ease of use, and a space to exist.


 First Thing as An Online Backup White Label Reseller: The Benefits


We may not create a list of every single benefit every relationship gives us (unless you are very pragmatic), but we certainly think about it when it comes to business. Those benefits can be translated into a myriad of things, but ultimately, we all need assets that help us move forward, create projects, and support our team. Good vibes simply don’t pay the bills.
This is why the white label backup reseller model is so interesting. The benefits are incredible. On the list of benefits, the best profit margin ranks first. How can a reseller model help you achieve the best profit margin? By allowing you to set your own prices! It’s as simple as that.

Profit isn’t everything. As in life, not everything is about money in business. With a white label cloud or online backup reseller, you will be able to promote your brand, lower your cost, and improve customer satisfaction by relying on a well-trained customer service team. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by a team of experts that can support you at each step. It will be simple to work with your white label cloud or online backup reseller and it will be the fastest way to get you on the market.

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Second Thing as An Online Backup White Label Reseller: The Efficiency

It’s not enough to join a white label backup reseller program with the only objective to put your logo on a product as a perk. You know why? Because there is so much more to take from a partnership with a white label online or cloud backup reseller. Like making your business ten thousand times more productive.

By not having to handle the support, the migration, and even the pre-sales of your clients as a white label online backup reseller, you will have a lot more time to do the things that matter to you and your company. By reselling a product that follows the regulations, you won’t lose time doubting yourself and your service offers. By partnering with an established white label backup reseller, you will conquer the market more quickly than ever.

Why, you might ask? Because:

  • You’ll have an infinite number of tools at your disposal.
  • Your white label cloud or online reseller is experienced and is there to support you.
  • Your white label backup reseller has a system in place to onboard you and your clients efficiently and hassle-free.
  • You have better things to do.


Third Thing as An Online Backup White Label Reseller: The Customization

Obviously, as a cloud backup reseller in a white label partnership you should be able to rebrand everything under your name. If your partnership doesn’t allow it, it is not white label. From the documents, tools, and infrastructure, your provider should provide you with editable versions, and easy access to models. Everything should easily feature your colors, your company name, and your personality.

This is one of the most interesting features of being a white label backup reseller. By being able to feature your own brand, you take ownership of the customer relationships and you perpetuate a bond of trust with your clients.

Finally, we always emphasize the importance of not selling every product blindly. It is well known that choosing your niche and service offers as a white label online backup reseller is the best idea for your business and your client. By presenting you with a range of specifically chosen services and branding them with your colors, the white label backup reseller partnership will help you stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself to your clients. Customizable features are your keys to success.



Fourth Thing as An Online Backup White Label Reseller: The Simplicity Of The Process

It shouldn’t be hard to become a cloud or online backup reseller in a white label program. The whole point of joining such a program is to simplify your operations, right? So why partner with a provider who would make your life harder? This would be nonsense.

Partnering to be a cloud or online backup white label reseller should be simple and easy. It should take less than an hour to set everything up and, most importantly, the company you choose to partner with should be ready to onboard you and your clients immediately. If not, think of how responsive they will be when you’ll need support.

The whole purpose of being a cloud or online backup reseller in a white label program is to be able to be yourself, to show your own colors and distinguish yourself. It is not to be trapped in a maze of corporate papers and requirements. We partner because we want to help each other. From clients to providers, every person should collaborate for everybody’s success. This is the reason why the white label backup reseller partnership exists. The sole purpose of this type of partnership is to drive the strengths of each company and client toward a collaborative space. We are here to make the best of it together, and simplicity is the key.


To sum up, as a cloud or online backup white label reseller, you will be able to achieve more with less work. With the benefits of a strong relationship with your provider, you can rely on experience and spend less time in the details of information and customer service. Your partnership should depend on these four factors: ease, efficiency, profit, and customization. These factors create a powerful partnership that will help everybody involved grow, expand, and succeed.

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Written by Mathieu Leblanc Director, Partner Success @ Sherweb

An integral part Sherweb’s expanding partner network, Mathieu implements programs that allow MSPs and resellers with different business models to build a winning cloud strategy. His vision and knowledge of the channel helps Sherweb partners achieve growth and success. Mathieu's efforts have resulted in several award wins and recognitions for Sherweb, such as the Microsoft Global Cloud Partner of the Year Award.