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Your customers, no matter what line of business they are in, are quickly making the move to the cloud. It’s not merely a trend, it’s the way that business is being done today. A recent IDG study found that 89% of enterprises are planning to, or have already adopted a cloud first strategy. This represents a huge revenue opportunity and a path to grow your business as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), while deepening your relationship with your customers.

However, for many MSPs there are so many new products and services, that it’s impossible for you to have the breadth of expertise on all the latest solutions, sales skills, and project management capabilities necessary to successfully engage on these projects. Due to these challenges, many of you are looking to partner with a cloud provider, one that is far more than a mere distributor, who can be your trusted business advisor to accelerate your growth.

A best-in-class cloud provider will get to know your business, the unique skills and expertise you possess, and how best to help you successfully complete digital transformation projects. This partnership will support your entire operation, not just provide technical resources. For example, it will provide you with tools to build accurate quotes and proposals, as well as other sales enablement materials that are essential to growing your business. One of the most attractive short-term sales opportunities for you as an MSP is supporting your customers as they move from traditional Microsoft Office installations to cloud-based Office 365. The right Office 365 partner can provide help with the complexities of Microsoft licensing, assist you in transitioning the customer to the cloud with zero data loss, and even offer you their own IP to create more value for your customers.

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How a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner Will Make You Succeed With Cloud First Customers

As an MSP, growing a successful business that supports cloud first or transformation projects requires not only offering the right managed services, it also requires that you partner with a cloud provider that can help take your business forward. This includes providing services for you that: make it easy to get started, enhance your marketing and sales, and deliver support exactly where and how you need it. You want the resources that will position you as an expert and increase your customers’ confidence in you as an MSP. These resources need to be specific to your needs to service your customers, not a “cookie-cutter” approach.

When CSP partners are committed to your success and have invested in a broad set of services that extend your capabilities and help you sell and retain more customers, you have a great partner. These are four examples of these kinds of services that are delivered by a true cloud partner.

  • Seamless onboarding – When customers decide to make the move to the cloud, you’ll need a cloud partner that can get you going quickly. Your cloud provider must have strong onboarding programs and access to training that can get you up and selling fast. Providing you with your own portal, direct access to support staff, and taking the time to understand your business is essential.
  • Sales empowerment – Finding time to sell can be hard. Often, you’re so busy with customers that it’s hard to find the time to effectively pursue new sales. Partnering with a cloud provider that; can jump on calls with you, gives you pitch decks and other materials, and provides selling expertise is the path to revenue growth. A partner that is committed to your selling success is a huge advantage.
  • Marketing support –You’d like to do more marketing but lack the time, money and know-how. Consider how valuable it would be if your partner could provide you with social media content, pre-packaged marketing campaigns, and marketing development funds (MDF). A cloud provider with these services is truly your marketing “ace in the hole”.
  • High-level support and skills development – Your cloud provider must become your technical staff extension, available when you need them, and with the specific skills necessary. A cloud provider that extends your technical skills with their own staff, by offering training and skill development, or helps you get new certifications makes you irreplaceable to your customers.

As your partner in digital transformation, Sherweb takes the time and invests the resources to understand your specific needs, and how they can help you be more successful.

With the right resources and expertise at your disposal, what could your business look like in the coming months? Learn more about what it’s like working with a cloud partner that is dedicated to your success.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb