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Today’s businesses are highly competitive and can’t survive if they don’t operate efficiently. That’s why professional service automation (PSA) software such as Autotask are growing in popularity: they enable companies to automate their tasks so they can work more productively.

Autotask is a leading PSA software company that allows businesses to automate their billing, making it an essential part of every MSP’s toolkit. Let’s take a look at how Sherweb’s Autotask integration will benefit MSPs.


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Why should MSPs use Autotask?

Scalable solutions, flexible contracts, and pay-as-you-go models are great for clients. But they make billing a lot more complicated for MSPs. Since you rarely ever use just a single contract for all of your clients, each client could very well have a different billing cycle. This makes it more difficult for MSPs to ensure accurate billing information without the help of automation software.

That’s where software like Autotask excels. With advanced automation and comprehensive documentation, Autotask provides a number of benefits that Sherweb partners will be able to enjoy. Here’s what you’ll get with our integration:


Accurate invoicing

Client invoices are subject to frequent changes even in a single billing cycle. Every service comes with a different price tag, and MSPs also have to account for promotional offers and auxiliary services rendered to clients.

Without a system that tracks every detail, you’re likely to make mistakes and possibly even send the wrong bill to a client. This results in a number of revisions and headaches for both parties.

With Autotask, you can rest assured that the invoice you send out will reflect all the changes that are in your database. Invoice adjustments are tedious, frustrating, and unprofessional, but Autotask allows you to keep your reputation intact.


Quick setup

One of the biggest hurdles when switching to an automated billing solution is the amount of time that it takes to migrate all your data and set up the PSA from scratch. With Autotask, the setup process is quick and efficient, saving you time and money.

With Sherweb’s integration, partners can simply link their accounts and services from our partner portal to Autotask. This automatically exports all the pricing data in just a few minutes.


An all-inclusive billing platform

The core benefit of Sherweb’s Autotask integration is that it frees up MSPs from billing hassles so that you can dedicate more time to creating value for your clients.

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth during the billing process. Autotask provides detailed information about every single client, including:

  • The number of services you offered to the client.
  • The standard usage limit for the client.
  • Any discounts you provided to the client, along with the associated conditions.
  • Whether the client exceeded their usage limit and, if so, the incremental cost that they incurred.

This allows you to keep a tight check on every client without having to manually sift through volumes of data. Not only does this reduce errors, but it also saves time and allows you to focus on perfecting your service offering so you can meet your clients’ expectations.


Advanced features: how Autotask helps streamline billing for MSPs

The MSP billing process is highly complex, with various factors affecting the bill of a single client. PSA software simplifies everything by identifying the nuances of each offering and the pricing structure to produce error-free invoices.

Autotask exceeds these expectations to provide increased value to our partners. Here are some of its most notable features:


Built-in proration

Invoice proration is a pain when dealing with multiple clients. Scalable services are tricky for MSPs to manage because you must always consider the number of days, the amount of usage, and a number of other factors.

These are complicated calculations that require extensive knowledge of software prices, discounts provided to each client, and their contract details. With Autotask, you don’t have to invest so much time and resources into prorating each invoice—the software takes care of everything for you.


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Real-time updates

Servicing multiple clients and managing a whole set of cloud-based IT solutions means that MSPs already have a lot on their plate. This makes it easier to miss small changes to billing information that could affect the accuracy of the final invoice sent out to clients.

With Autotask’s automation capabilities, your billing server is constantly monitoring the system for any changes to the client package and billing details. This ensures that the final invoice is already adjusted for any changes that could impact the final amount. With real-time updates, even last-minute changes will reflect on the bill that’s sent to the client.


Continuous monitoring and reporting

While Autotask’s real-time updates provide some assurance to MSPs, what if there is an error during the process that leads to incorrect invoicing?

Fortunately, we’re always proactively anticipating problems that may affect our partners. Sherweb’s Autotask integration will give you real-time updates on any errors that occur during synchronization or mapping so you’re not taken by surprise.


Bottom line for Sherweb’s Autotask integration

Invoicing doesn’t have to be a hassle for MSPs. By utilizing Sherweb’s Autotask integration, you can provide your clients with timely, accurate, and up-to-date invoices that even reflect prorated changes. This also allows MSPs to send invoices quickly and efficiently so they can continue to maintain a record of excellent client service.

Sherweb’s integration with Autotask is part of our ongoing dedication to our clients. You’ll no longer have to put up with costly invoicing mistakes, thanks to Autotask’s smooth and productive billing process.

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb