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Do you have the solutions you need to run a successful cloud business for Microsoft 365? If you’re like most Managed Service Providers, you’re probably using a number of different MSP support tools and software to carry out your daily operations, such as running a better help desk or managing your projects.

But now that you’ve added Microsoft 365 to your cloud portfolio, you might be in the market for support tools that could help you be even more productive. You’ve tried combing the internet for ideas, but there are just too many solutions out there. So, how do you cut through all the clutter to find free applications that will be best for your MSP business? Not to worry, we’ve done the grunt work for you. Here’s a list of eight essential MSP support tools that you need to run your business successfully. And the good news is, they’re free! Whether you’re new to the cloud or a veteran reseller, we think you’ll like our recommendations.

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Best free MSP support tools

1. Freshdesk

It takes a lot of resources to provide high quality customer service. If you’re running a one-man show, this might be a challenge. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that is designed for companies of all sizes. Freshdesk currently helps more than 80,000 businesses around the world with ticketing, Service Level Agreements and other support issues. Their prices are reasonable and they offer a 30-day free trial.

2. Commodo One

This IT Management platform will help you save money on licensing and other operational costs. And you can use that extra money to invest in new technology, or hire more staff. Commodo One has built-in Remote Monitoring and Management, a complete Service Desk and Patch Management.

3. Manage Engine

This free, all-in-one help desk software is specifically designed for Managed Service Providers. There are 3 support plans available: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Each plan includes Account Management, a Help Desk and Automated Billing. A special feature, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, offers free licenses in all 3 plans. Manage Engine is currently used by more than 700 organizations and it’s available in 29 different languages.

4. Spiceworks

Spiceworks offers MSP a managed services software to help you manage multiple client networks from a single console. Your clients will be able to submit help desk tickets through a custom user portal. And, you can open, close and respond to help desk tickets from your mobile device. The MSP software will also send you up-to-date alerts on your networks and allow you to create reports quickly as required. You can also track your labor costs per ticket and per client.

5. Zendesk

These people also build software to help MSPs manage their customer relationships. Zendesk provides systems for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support tickets. You can also take advantage of their help center to learn more about industry issues through articles and interactive forums. Zendesk promises their products will allow your business to be more reliable, flexible and scalable.

6. Password Manager Pro

Managing your customers’ IT networks usually involves a lot of passwords. Unfortunately, a lot of this information usually ends up on post-it notes, spreadsheets or text documents. Password Manager Pro acts like a secure vault to store and manage sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities. This means you can offer your customers the best protection for their critical data and comply with their security guidelines for sensitive information. Free trial available.

7. MSP Comparison

This is a free independent product forum that MSPs use to review and comment on the business software they have tried. Join this group to compare business software and learn which tools are the most popular and respected in the MSP community. You can read reviews from business owners like you who have spent time and money growing their cloud business. The site is regularly updated with new product listings and software reviews.

8. BMC TrueSight Pulse

BMC is a monitoring-as-a-service tool for web applications. It gives you a complete picture of how your web applications are performing and what that means to your users. The tool provides notifications every second about metrics that apply to end users, applications and infrastructure. Full featured, unlimited free trial available.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb