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2021 is here—what’s the status update on all those business resolutions?

The year ahead will be all about doing the right things the right way. In a profoundly changed world, successful managed service providers (MSPs) will need to focus on opportunity capture. There are two main ways to do that: by optimizing your cloud offering or by focusing on effective marketing.

Of course, you could also focus on both simultaneously, which is exactly what’s on offer for the third stage of Sherweb’s Accelerate Cloud Summit.

Team up with MSP experts

Accelerate is Sherweb’s annual learning and networking event, recently transformed into a comprehensive growth program delivered in three stages. If you took part in stages one and two, that’s great! You were able to participate in an online conference bursting with actionable takeaways, and then develop a 2021 business plan to fortify your position against future disruptions.

We know life gets busy, though, and not everyone might have been able to take part in the first two phases of Accelerate. Stage 3 is open to all Sherweb partners regardless of whether they took part in the previous stages or not. We believe all partners stand to benefit from these educational resources!

This stage of Accelerate features various live masterclasses led by our in-house and external experts.  Depending on your vision and priorities for the next 12 months, there are two learning tracks you can choose from: marketing and business.

Marketing track

Do you value your customers and provide exceptional service? Too bad, so does everyone else—or so they claim. These are not differentiators, they’re simply the basics of doing business.

Can you do anything about it? Loads, actually! Our Accelerate marketing track is a step-by-step guide to standing out from the crowd:

  • Discover and define your unique value proposition. Why should anyone do business with you in the first place? Learn how to create a lasting first impression that will impact your bottom line.
  • Find your market. Trying to offer everything all the time is the quickest way to burn yourself out. Get more specific and learn more about who you should be talking to and how to speak their language.
  • SEO and website 101. Providing extra value is no good if nobody knows you do. Find out how to convert traffic into leads and understand analytics and reports.

Business track

MSPs in 2021 can’t look and operate the same as MSPs from 2015. Or 2017. Or 2019. But hey, you got into this business precisely because it’s so dynamic, right?

For this track, we’re joined by renowned MSP consultants Karl Palachuk and Erick Simpson. Their resumés speak for themselves, and they’ll be spilling the beans on the latest trends and channel movements.

  • The Killer Combo: Karl Palachuk will present his 2-part, killer combo class on recurring revenue and cloud services. Get real-world examples and exercises guaranteed to improve your earnings!
  • MSSP Cybersecurity: Erick Simpson will be talking about what it means to be an MSSP. The extra ‘s’ stands for ‘security’—a focus area for all responsible companies. Price and build your cybersecurity portfolio for profit and learn how to develop effective sales proposals, agreements and SOWs.


Access all the learning with Accelerate

The first workshops for the final stage of Accelerate kick off February 10. If you can’t decide between the tracks, sign up for both! There’s no time overlap.

You’ll walk away from this program armed to the teeth with no-nonsense insights, inspired to keep pushing your business forward. Whatever 2021 might throw at you, you’ll always be one step ahead.

Accelerate Stage 3 is free to attend and open to all Sherweb partners. We always aim to provide our partners with the resources they need to thrive, and our educational events are just one example among many. Join our network and take advantage of strategic consultations, go-to-market expertise, a portfolio of pre-vetted solutions, a centralized partner portal, and much more.

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Written by Marc-André Fontaine Vice President, Sales & Marketing @ Sherweb

Marc-André has been a key part of Sherweb’s success, initially as VP of Product Development and now as VP of Sales and Marketing. Outstanding leadership skills and a deep knowledge of Sherweb’s product portfolio enable him to drive the company’s continued growth, and strengthen its position as a world leader in cloud solutions. When he's not busy working to ensure that Sherweb's value-added services benefit as many channel partners as possible, Marc-André enjoys running, cycling and spending time outdoors with his family.