Before the Online Backup Active Protection was released, there were no security tools that could fight back at ransomware instantaneously. When ransomware hit and you did not want to pay a ransom, the procedure to recover involved many steps that could take hours to complete. With Online Backup Active Protection, the end user doesn’t even notice something has happened because the ransomware attack is reverted immediately. Here are a few facts about Online Backup Active Protection.


Remind Me, How Does Ransomware Behave Again?

A ransomware attack runs a malicious software that will lock you out of the computer and/or encrypt files. Paying a ransom is the only chance to get back access to your computer and data. Email phishing is the most common infection mean used by cyber criminals.


What is Active Protection?

The Online Backup Active Protection feature monitors your system and prevents ransomware behavior.


How Does It Work?

Active Protection builds a whitelist of valid processes running on your computer, including those that are legitimate encryption tools, plus Online Backup processes. It also prevents any program from accessing backed up files wherever they are.


Why Is Active Protection a Simple Solution Against Ransomware?

When ransomware hits, the malicious program starts encrypting files. Because Active Protection automatically detects the activity of a process that is not on the whitelist, it will stop it. Active Protection will then restore any file that was already encrypted by the ransomware from a valid backup. This is done in real time and goes almost unnoticed by the user. Compared to the time spent on rebuilding a computer and restoring its system and data files, Active Protection is bliss!


How Do I Enable It?

You can enable Active Protection for all your Windows computers in the Online Backup web portal. This is also the place where you see the ransomware activity report in real time. You’ll be able to know on which computer the attack was detected and stopped.


Is Active Protection an Antivirus?

Antivirus and antimalware programs do not stop ransomware. Otherwise, ransomware would not be so problematic. Antiviruses have to be updated daily, and when a new virus definition has not been deployed yet, you’re still vulnerable to zero-day attacks.

Active Protection is the only available solution that fights ransomware instantaneously.

Active Protection will never conflict with your security programs because they get white-listed automatically.


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