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Preventing security gaps is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. For small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) it is difficult to sometimes meet all your IT security requirements at every juncture. This is where Trend Micro comes in to offer a variety of solutions for overstretched IT teams.

Trend Micro is the latest offering to Sherweb’s continually expanding security marketplace. Designed with solutions to fit SMBs and managed service providers’ (MSPs) specific technical, resource, and budget needs as a managed security provider.

How Trend Micro can help

When it comes to data protection Trend Micro certainly has a lot to offer through their Worry-Free™ Services. Most importantly, the product service is an easy-to-manage security suite that offers advanced threat defense techniques designed to eliminate security gaps across endpoints and beyond.

Email threats are the main point of entry for malware and a strained IT team may come across an endpoint security gap too late. To clarify, this could result in extreme data and revenue loss. This is not something businesses (of any size) or MSPs enjoy thinking about but it’s necessary to imagine the worst-case scenario so you can find the solution to worry less.

trend micro

Choose your level of threat protection

Trend Micro’s Worry-Free™ Services Suite consists of a variety of tiers of cybersecurity products and solutions for MSPs to accommodate business size and need. Each tier is designed to help understand the threat landscape and keep cybersecurity risks under control.

Worry-Free Services

Cloud-based protection for endpoint and mobile devices. An all-in-one manager. This tier offers a cloud-based console, in-depth and intuitive control across your entire organization. Protect your sensitive data and stop malicious software. Application control provides maximum visibility. Secure and trustworthy predictive machine learning uniquely analyzes files for more reliable protection and better Data loss prevention.

Worry-Free Services Advanced

This tier includes everything in Worry-Free Services, plus complete email and collaboration protection. This includes protection for collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365 (Teams ↗, OneDrive) and Google Workspace. A cloud-based protection for business devices and email, this addition to your security stack stops email threats before they reach your network. Uncover ransomware, business email compromise, credential phishing, and advanced attacks with email protection.

Worry-Free XDR

Designed for organizations with limited resources, skillsets, or time for threat investigation with extended detection and response across email and endpoints. MSPs can also manage cross-customer detection, investigation, and response. Additional features include, leading-edge protection against advanced phishing threats. Determine the source and spread of advanced attacks by correlating threat data from endpoints and email for a clearer picture. Automated root-cause analysis, including recommended step-by-step actions, allows for quick solutions.

Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR (for MSPs)

Includes Worry-Free XDR and 24/7 managed detection and response service. This tier is used to alleviateverburdened IT teams. It helps mitigate threats for organizations by providing detection and response supported by Trend Micro threat experts for endpoints​ and email. Threat experts are available 24/7 with personalized root-cause analysis, incident investigation, response and resolution.

Convenience and customization for your business

There is a lot to unpack from Trend Micro’s comprehensive security service tiers. For instance, some of these offerings might meet your business needs but not all. So, what does that mean for SMBs and MSPs looking to make security stacks more adaptable and complete?

Trend Micro recognizes that security at any tier is not necessarily one-size fits all. As a result, a unique benefit of Trend Micro is the ability to mix and match options. The idea is that tailoring to MSP needs means there are multiple use cases for any of the tiers, but everything is on one platform.

Is Trend Micro right for you?

Perhaps your organization already provides managed security but is strapped for human resources. If you are seeking third party support for security services, Trend Micro helps reduce time-consuming workloads for your IT team. This means you and your company do not need to suffer the consequences of being unable to support constant monitoring and threat review​.

Additionally, if you already provide managed security and have adequate skills and resources as an MSP, you could still benefit. Trend Micro’s addition of endpoint protection, email security and/or XDR ​to your already thriving security stack would not only keep your business safe but also potentially push you ahead of competitors, a win-win for everyone.

Finally, maybe your organization has price concerns that prevent adding any further security stacks. Trend Micro’s tiered system allows you to pick the best suited security for your business, whatever your business’ capability and needs.

The inclusive Worry-Free Services Suite recognizes that every organization has differing capacities to provide layered security​. To sum up, Trend Micro is determined that SMBs and MSPs find the best threat defense for their business.

At Sherweb, we offer cybersecurity solutions to MSPs for every need level​. Find out more about if Trend Micro’s complete, simple endpoint protection is right for your business by joining Sherweb’s partner program.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb